Factory Inc was created and published by “Cheetah Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.
You are no longer a slave to the capitalism, you will be owning your own factory and controlling every single bit of it. You will be hiring managers, purchasing new machines, setting up an order and putting a plan for the future.
Expand your factory and put it on the map among the best using Factory Inc cheats. You should have enough funds to make dreams come true.

Get Started

At the start of the game, you will be prompted to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. You can read the details of these two terms, but we can assure you that they do not have any strange conditions.
There will be a short cinematic video at the start, it will explain to you how the whole story started.
A young worker whom has been working for his master, but out of the blue the master decided to kick him out. The bank will give you a big contract and build you a huge factory!
You must be decent enough to payback your debts to the bank in a very short period, and manage the different situations in this case. Reading our Factory Inc review will help you with finding the right methods to pay back the bank…
Let me show you how the factory works so we can make some money, or you can get the money from Factory Inc cheats and still enjoy the main parts of the gameplay.
Since, you do not have a capital, then it would be the right moment to raise the money through handwork at the moment.

How To Play?

We are going to illustrate the first steps of the gameplay and will walk through the paths slowly…
Tap the stone 8 times
Discover new items
Sell the crafted items to gain some money
Use Factory Inc cheats for the income of money
After tapping over the stone, you will eventually make the sand, sell them and you will gain some money. Once the number of items is exhausted, new items will appear. Continue to produce and discover new items.
The truck is your only way to sell the goods, so keep on storing the goods in it until it is full loaded and ready to leave for sale.
The better the goods on the truck, the more money it brings. By selling sand, you will get money and the Factory Inc Hack will also reward you with money as well.
Time will come eventually to upgrade the factory. Tap on the upgrade button on the bottom left corner, and it will cost you only 1 dollar at the first part.
Make sure you are opening the game daily to receive your precious daily reward!
When you upgrade the factory, the income increases and the hammer performance improves. The new products will require a certain level from you to achieve.
The money bonuses will be added to you for each stage of level you reach.

Time Has Come To Step Up Your Game

It is hard to produce only by hand forever, the time will come for the machines to take place and make the production set into the automation.
Now, let’s install the first machine. Enter the shop and purchase the general box. This should not become your regular set up for a very long time, you should use it as a start only.
Add the Factory Inc Hack to your plans to build more machines to earn more money and advance forward. Following your plans to extend the factory is a very important feature.
The plus button located inside the red wall will expand the factory and give you the chance to add more machines in the newly created space.
More machines in the field will require from you to upgrade the supplying machine. It will not only increase its capacity, it will increase the bonus supplying speed.
Upgrading the supply is not the only thing you will be upgrading in this game, there will be very important upgrades coming up next.
Each machine will have four main attributes, and you must learn the detailed information in this part.
By reaching this part, you should be ready to play the game, but if you are looking for advanced tips, then scroll down…



Upgrade Your Machines With Factory Inc Cheats For Faster production

The upgraded machines will produce goods at much faster pace. Finally, you can use a booster now. The booster is a really important system to help the factory grow fast!
Money booster: income increases 200% for 30 minutes. The duration will increase by 13 minutes in the next level.
Speed Booster: machine speed increases 200% for 180 seconds. It can increase the duration 30seconds in next level
The boosters can be activated freely at the first time, but it will come at a very big cost at next. That is why the Factory Inc Hack is something that will keep you moving forward.
It is a very nice factory. However more machines also demand more management system to keep them running smoothly and with a very solid pace. Then, how about hiring a manager?
If you hire a manager, the factory will be managed automatically. It will cost you a little bit, but the outcome of the management will enhance the entire performance.

Advanced Tips

The collection menu will contain all the newly discovered items and will have a detailed report about each item. The unlocked items will be hidden and you can only discover it by reaching a certain part of the game.
Hiring a new manager will cost you 30 diamonds, but the diamonds are very rare and can only obtained through the in app store.
We do believe in luck, that is why the Factory Inc cheats is our lucky charm. It will boost up your balance of diamonds and help you to progress faster.
For each completed task, you might want to check the achievements section for rewards. It will come only in diamonds form, which the Factory Inc Hack and the store can provide.
The ads are playing a vital role in the gameplay, so that will simply grant you a complete access to the various parts of the game. You can remove the ads or substitute it with Factory Inc Hack.
If you ever decided to pay a visit to the settings menu, then you will find nothing impressive. You can control the music/sound and restore a purchase.
There are 8 different global languages supported in the game to choose from, but since you are reading this article now, then the default English language should not be a problem for you.
Let’s not forget about the importance of the leaderboard. It will hold the names of the players with the maximum factory level in the world. You can easily write your name among the best, but the Factory Inc cheats should be activated throughout the different stages.

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