This is a cards game, it was created and published by “Abrakam SA” the game was released on 10 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and prove you are the best at cards games, in this game you can always prove you are best by leading the score board and by defeating the different players from all over the world, and finally by getting the help from the Faeria cheats you are going to be provided with unlimited amount of gems to help you progress easier in the game, by finding all the powerful creatures in the game and adding them to your deck.

Form You Deck And Shape Your Battlefield To Reach Your Enemies Orbs To Win!

In order to start you firstly need to enter the name you are going to play with, but you need to choose carefully because you will not be able to change it later on.

This is a cards game so that equals to finding the best deck you will ever find to be able to defend yourself, shape the battlefield and join the real epic battles ever happened, so make sure to read our Faeria tips we are going to mention in here to be able to master the game once you start it.

Build Lands And Summon The Strongest Creatures Of The Game To Destroy Enemies Orbs!

Build lands and summon creatures to attack your enemies and destroy their orbs to win this is going to be your ultimate goal ever.

At the beginning you will need to follow the game tutorial and to read our Faeria guide to understand how to play the game before you even start it.

The first lesson is going to be how to place your buildings perfectly to defend yourself against your enemy attacks, everyone on the battlefield has his turn, once you finish your turn you will need to tap on end turn button to give the second player his right to make his moves as well.

Expand Your Land To Control The Map To Easily Win The Epic Battles!

By building and expanding your lands towards your enemy, if you already built three lands you will be able to summon a creature to help you through your journey to destroy your enemies orbs, these creatures has different stats.

Every creature has his attack points and health points, and also has a cost to be summoned into the battlefield, as an example let’s summon your first creature he needs 3 Faeria to be summoned and has 3 attack damage to be dealt to your enemies, and finally has 4 life points and that means your enemy needs 4 attack points to kill it, and finally make sure to get the extra help from using the Faeria cheats gems to help you progress easier in the game.

Play Against Your Friends And Prove You Are Way Better Than Them!

This is going to the most enjoyable part of the game, you can always challenge your friends and also play against real players from all the over world that are also playing the game just like you, but before doing that you need to train very hard to be able to master the game, and also the advantage of playing the story of the game first is you are going to collect a lot of useful cards that contains strong creatures to be able to defend your enemies easier and faster.

Put Your Hands On The Faeria Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot find all the creatures cards to defeat your enemies, and you cannot build more lands to reach your enemies orb, using and getting the extra help from the Faeria hack will provide you with all the gems you are going to need through your journey to get all the creatures you need to be able to progress easier in the game and to defend your friends and random players from all over the world easier.


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