Watch out! You are falling in the streets of down town and you can’t stop, welcome to the new physics based game faily skater by “Spunge Games Pty” the game is defined as arcade game and available on both android and IOS devices, with simple commands and simple design it will take you into a whole new level of gaming experience through the game you have to make phil the skater not to hit any object or fall from is skate board as if he did that he will make an accident, easy isn’t it? So let’s talk more about faily skater tips and benefits of faily skater hack.

simple Design.

As the design of the game is a little simple, but yet it will add a lot of fun for you, may be the idea of the game is not new, but the designs and visuals and also the effects through the game play are new and very funny, there are a lot of costumes to choose between through the game play and there are special costumes that you can get by purchasing them or by unlock the in advanced levels, and through many levels you will see in every one new designs and visuals to not get bored from the game.

Different Obstacles.

As you play you will face many different obstacles like crowds, alleyways and rooftops and failing in every one of them gives different funny fail than the other and it’s all related to physical measurements, and if you passed these obstacles you will get rewarded by coins or keys to save you later when you fail, you can use faily skater cheats and get all the coins and keys you want for the game and to get the game a lot easier for you to play.



Collect and Unlock.

As you play you will collect coins, and the more you stay sf and don’t fail the more money you will get, and as you get the money you will be able to unlock many costumes, outfits and get parts for your skateboards, the skateboards in this game are collected part by part and not one piece to make you have a new boards with different features, beside collecting coins and unlocking outfits there is daily spin that will give you a random gift between costumes, coins and skateboard parts, and if you want to make another spin you will have to pay more for that, and also there is the daily gift which also contains rewards for coming to the game every day and play it, you can get faily skater cheats and get all the amount of coins you need to get all of the costumes for free and in no time and enjoy hundreds of costumes for free.

Record It.

Faily skater allows you to record the game play so you can share it to youtube and social media web sites and share the fun with your friends, and the game will give you endless game play and endless crashes as every fail you will be with different speed or different position so the fail will be different and will give you endless fun.

Faily Skater Hack.

As the game is easy but in some points you will need to use faily skater hack and get what it takes to make the game very funny and don’t look for anything in it but fun, this hack will disable ads from the game so you will enjoy the game without any annoying ads, also it will give you the maximum number of coins and keys so you will play the game just for fun and don’t try to collect coins as you already have the highest amount, also it will get all of the costumes and skateboard parts for you for free and with no external purchases, this hack is completely free and safe and won’t affect your device performance through playing the game and it don’t need special permissions from your device.

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