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There are many scary monsters and weird creatures standing around the place which is Mori Institute is located, so try to do your best tin order to graduate from the apprentices of fantasy heroes, enjoy the outstanding casuals and graphics surrounding you and get help from the Fantashooting cheats for free which would be covering you expenses at the game throughout your journey of graduation.

The game was developed and created by “Sky Carpenter Digital Entertainment co., ltd” and it is available to be downloaded on IOS or Android platforms.

Game Story.

Starting the journey by pressing on the arrow that is located at the right bottom corner of the screen side, and prepare yourself to choose between different available characters and playable missions but keep in mind that most of things will be already locked and would ask for an amount of coins to get them unlocked and playable.

To purchase the latest available characters and unlock all of the game features we would be simply recommending you to put your hands over the Fantashooting cheats, as it will become your main source of coins at the game due to its generosity.

Later on the next stage of the article we will be speaking about the characters and their stories behind them.

Put Your Hands Over the Fantashooting hack to Unlock All the Gaming Characters.

The first character you will be here is the Shepherd Sean, he is a wizard has unique skill magic hound!

And he is a member of the sorcerer tribe which are actively studying magic so that they may one day bring honor and victory back to their tribe. It is such a hard adventure but it is worth every bit of it, keep reading the article so you would be knowing exactly the true heroes of the game and receive benefit able Fantashooting tips for free.

The second character we got is the Ranger Rita, and it is requiring to get 1000 kill to get it unlocked or use the resoruces that you will be getting from the Fantashooting hack to unlock it instantly without having to go through the killing.

The Shooter Rita is a well-known for their flawless accuracy, these naturally gifted overachievers are the envy of their fellow pupils.

Simple Settings Menu.

The settings menu is so simple that it will be only giving you the control over decreasing on increasing the game sounds and music coming back to your own preference and that is it nothing more nothing less.

And if you click on the profile icon that tis located right next to the settings menu, you will be entering the honor list that has all the creators of the game and people whom been working day and night to produce this amazing project into live an make it happen for real, this was simply a quick preview of the game UI at the starting phase but as we have promised that in every Fantashooting guide of yours we will be trying to deliver the exact feeling we had whilst playing the game to our readers and simplify things out for them.

Never Forget the Wizards!

As we been talking about the characters and heroes of the game mostly, we should never forget the Purple Polly. The purple robes of these wizards carry with them the blessings of their ancestors, purple Polly’s robes are energized when using her lighting skills.

Shooter sherry a master of every weapon, these artillerymen find themselves with more ammunition than anyone else.

The Gods in The World of the Game.

The gods are playing a vital role in the game, but you should be knowing exactly what you getting yourself into, Thunder God no relation to Thor, this thunder god takes great pleasure in pulverizing his enemies, and the second thing is the Fly, not the fecal insect you are thinking of, the fly leaves a trail of maggots behind him.


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