By using the Fate/Grand Order cheats, you can now get free quartzes as always.

Fate/Grand Order was released on 24 June 2017, as the game was created and developed by Aniplex Inc.

Fate/Grand Order is now available to download on all the Android devices starting from the firmware of 4.0 and higher, as the game is free to download, in addition Fate/Grand Order is also available for free to download on the App Store for all the Apple devices.

To be noted that there are in game purchases, that you can buy quartzes for real money, however you can get your hands on the Fate/Grand Order cheats to get those quartzes for free.


Read the Terms of Use carefully!

When you first open Fate/Grand Order for the first time on your mobile device, the Fate/Grand Order guide will tell you that you must agree to the Terms of Use in order to play the game.

As you can read this agreement through the blue button which is located in the middle of your device’s screen, colored in blue, so if you do not have a problem with the terms of use, all you have to do is to tap agree to confirm the agreement.


Welcome to the data center for the future of human kind.

When you first start the game for the first time ever on your mobile device, the Fate/Grand Order tips will begin the game introduction, as the base sequence will tell you that there is a human genome confirmed, welcome to the date center for the future of human kind as this is the security organization for the preservation of humanity, Chaldea.

Fingerprint, voiceprint and DNA authentication cleared magical circuit assessment complete so the username matched, so you are recognized as a member of the primates.


You will need 180 seconds to complete admission process!

The Fate/Grand Order tips will tell you, after the introduction that you will only wait another 180 seconds as this time needed to complete admission process, so enjoy a simulated battle while you wait.

Fate/Grand Order will activate Heroic spirit summoning system fate, hopping that you have a good experience as a Master for these 180 seconds.



The over kill mystery has been solved!

One of the best tip that the Fate/Grand Order will give to you, is explaining the over kill as an important tip, which is a bonus for attacking enemies with zero HP, addition NP and critical stars can be obtained.

Remember that five cards are randomly distributed each turn; cards selected later will have bonus effects, and always try to access the Fate/Grand Order cheats to get the quartzes needed.


Send instruction to your servants

The first mission that you will face is the training golem, which is level fifty, as he will face Saber, lancer and the archer.

A mock battle will start; just tap attack to begin giving instruction to your servants.

Therefore, select now three command cards (cancel a selected card by tapping it again), as there is a quick attack that you can choose, or you can choose the buster one, and finally yet importantly the art attack.

Selecting three cards of the same servant activates the brave chain and adds an additional attack.

And you must know that the green is the quick chain which does a critical rate up on the next turn, then there is the red, which is a buster chain and attacks up on the same turn, then last but not least is the blue, which is arts chain, as it fills up the NP gauge required for the Nobel phantasm.


If you find yourself stuck and needs quartzes, make sure to use the Fate/Grand Order hack!

Always remember to choose the first card that you select that will affect the second and third cards, so try issuing instruction yourself.

Over all, Fate/Grand Order is a nice game with wonderful story line, and if you are an anime fan, you will be surely amazed by this game, and always remember to use the Fate/Grand Order hack to the unlimited resources!



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