The most anticipated game ever has finally landed on the android and IOS stores, your dream has come true and this game actually considered to be a revulsion in the FPS games, as you will get to experience the effects of real life objects around you to make the full utilization of the game, make sure you have an account related to the game in order to be able to play it, and if you already got one just make sure you logging with it in order to retrieve all your personal information’s, use the Father.IO Tactical Map Beta cheats as well to become much stronger and have all the resources you have always dreamt of.

This game was created and developed by “Proxy24 Inc.” FB Page” and it is not that big company that you would be reading about it in the news but actually this game is a big deal and it will take the company to another level.

Game Introduction.

The game has a small story and a cinematic video that would play at the begging, and you can skip it by clicking on the skip button located at the right side corner of the screen, the game storyline is not as deep as you will expect it is mostly based on the new idea of the gameplay that you will get to experience, keep in mind that the events at the game are taking place in 2040, keep reading the Father.IO Tactical Map Beta guide for further information about the game.

Choose Your Faction Carefully!

You are getting to choose between two given factions each one of them has its own Pros and cons and our duty here is to expose them to you and help you with the choosing process.

The first faction we got here is the Humans:

After losing control of their world humans battle the threat of extinction against the merciless force they created and you should be helping them to win this battle and defeat the Merciless, remember that you can use the Father.IO Tactical Map Beta Cheats as your aid in this battle to ensure a fast victory and easy battles.

Promo Code and Evolved Faction.

And her we shall speak about the second fiction and the promo code, let’s begin with the usage of the promo code, it will actually allow you to enter the game and join your friend’s fiction and you can obtain it only if you got invited to the game by one of your friends.

And now let’s talk about the second faction which is called Evolved: Under the control of Ethereal the evolved are programmed to manage the world`s security at the cost of human sacrifice and they are actually the evil side at the game but they are doing a necessary job that must be done.

This Shall Be Your Beta Guide.

The game will actually track every movement you are making and all your places you are vesting, and this tactical map at the begging of the game shall cover all the battles and conflicts happening around you so keep your eyes over it in order to get yourself into the battle you always wished for.

Start Using the Father.IO Tactical Map Beta Hack for Maximum Possible Results.

Start winning all the battles you entering and take control over the surrounding territories so your name shall be shining over your neighborhood, and in actually game play, areas will contain POIs (points of interest), grinding resoruces and tactical advantages when controlled. You should be doing whatever it takes in order to take control over these spots, also the Father.IO Tactical Map Beta hack shall provide an assistant in such a thing.


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