A western Fantasy 3d turn based game. They have managed to add a very interesting storyline to follow in the game and the amazing summoning system is pretty much cool.

Learn the basics of any combat and know the weakness of each monster and hero on the battlefield to take advantage of them. And with the Final Contract Legacy of War cheats you do not have to worry about spending any more.

Final Contract Legacy of War was created and published by “Unlock Game” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

You are going to need an android version 4.1 and up to run the game, and we have noticed that the game overall graphics quality is pretty much average. So that is giving a hope for the mid-range devices users to download it and play it.

Quick Intro.

Start the game by picking up server to play in, and there are several instructions you have to follow in order to get yourself in the perfect server and dodge all the unwanted major problems. The first thing to put into consideration is the server location and the creation date. We do believe that the Final Contract Legacy of War hack will grant you supreme powers compared with anyone else in the server.

The server must be newly created to give you a chance of becoming on the leading table ranking in no time. And also the location will determine your latency in the game, and the lower the latency is the better the entire gaming experience is going to be.

Reading our Final Contract Legacy of War guide is something that every new player should be doing, and you do not have to download the game before reading it, as we will try to deliver the exact gaming experience we had to determine whether to download the game or not.

Of course the internet connection is necessary at this point and without it, you will not be able to run the game. And on the next segment we will be walking through the character creation process and describe the available classes to choose form.



Choose from Two Available Characters.

Only two characters are available to choose from, the female with a wand. She seems to be more into magical damage and with a very low defense.

On the other hand, the male character is carrying a long two handed swords and using a heavy armor to provide him with strength and defense. There is no detailed discretion about these two characters to learn about.

So we have given you some few Final Contract Legacy of War tips about the two classes and I guess now you know which one you will be picking. Once you are done with the character picking, make sure you are picking up a name that is clean and does not include any swearing swords.

That will be taking us into a very short cinematic video between the character you picked and a very strange and throng dragon. The contract war won the peace that Artsy had not seen for far too long.

You may skip the story by tapping on the Skip button located on the top right corner, but we are advising you against doing so. And do not forget the Final Contract Legacy of War cheats from the first minute to be able to compete with the hard challenges.

Become The Contract Envoy!

The first day of the game is the day for you to become a Contract Envoy. The majesty will be waiting for you. And that would be taking us into your first quest of the game.

Completing the missions will result in rewarding you with experience points. The experience points are working the same way that you have seen in every similar game. It will help you in advancing up in the levels and unlocking new features of the game.

You may enjoy these unlocked features continuously with the Final Contract Legacy of War cheats help. As you do not have to worry about the cost of anything anymore.

So here is a quick explanation to what happens when you advance from level 1 to level 2. The leadership points will increase of course, and the Cultivate skill will become stronger, but you have to reach level 5 first to get it unlocked.

Summoning skill will require from you to be level 6 as well to be able to summon spirits to help you out in the fights and stand by your side always.



Battle System Explained in Depth.

The ceremony will be interrupted suddenly by Sandal, so you need to remember the following instructions to have a competitive upper hand during the battle.

The game battle is running through a very complicated system. They have managed to create a counter to every power in the game, so you will never become unstoppable no matter what you use, even the Final Contract Legacy of War cheats will not be able to get you become immortal.

Earth restricts water>>Water restricts Fire>>Fire Restricts Wind>>Wind restricts Earth. And that is the main cycle of the battle.

You have to remember the restrictions list to be able to win the combats. And getting the best out from the soldier son the battle field would help you to easily win any combat.

It is advised to attack the countered targets first; your attack will become severally strong compared to your regular hits. Expand your squad with the Final Contract Legacy of War hack help and that is the ideal way to win most of the battles.

Having way too many options before you enter any combat would give you a bigger countering pool and chances as well for dominate.

Summon New Heroes and Expand Your Power Limits.

The heroes will be following the summoning system. Enter the summoning room and start trying out your luck to sign a contract with a new hero. Cover up the cost of summoning with the Final Contract Legacy of War hack service totally for free.

You will not be able to control about which hero to summon, but you can keep trying until you get successfully the one you are aiming at and sign a contract immediately with him.

The heroes power’ will be indicated in the star’s system. The more stars the hero will have the stronger it will be. And also pay a huge notice to the main defining attribute, and remember the restrictions list.

The battle system is a turn based. So you need to snatch up the opportunity once the turn is yours and deal as much as damage as you can the enemies. Leave them paralyzed with the strength of your attacks.

Activate special attacks of your heroes from the bottom right corner, and always go for the countered heroes at the first strike of course as we clarified earlier.

The rewards for winning battles are pretty much cool, and you can make it even cooler by adding the Final Contract Legacy of War hack into the equation as well.

Final conclusion, the game is pretty much and very good at killing the time as it is following a certain path of storyline so it keeps you hooked up. And when it comes to the visuals, we have illustrated that earlier on here and there is nothing new to mention.

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