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A hit strategy RPG game from one of the biggest gaming companies worldwide, get ready to enter a new adventure packed with many heroes to choose from and each one has its own history and story behind him, remember that also reading the Fire Emblem Heroes guide that we will be providing you with at this article, you will be able to understand each hero`s ability and powers so you would simply know which one would suit your playing style and techniques.

Remember that as soon as you start obtaining the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats, your stock of orbs will raise significantly that you will never have to worry anymore about the spending at the game`s shop.

The game is available from Nintendo company and you can start downloading it now for free at the Android or IOS Devices stores.

Your First Combats Is Your First Test!

A small cinematic video will start once you enter the game and it will be more like brief about the game story and also could work as an introduction to the characters inside the game, but as soon as the video is over you will get asked to enter a name for your character inside the game at the first step.

The first mission in the game is called “I summon thee!” and it is based around some sort of rituals were done to bring you from another world in order to fulfil their legend and become the legendary hero of this kingdom, but as you are speaking with our guide at the game Anna, an Axe which is actually an enemy will get in between and start attacking you, so this shall be your first combat of the game and that is how you going to learn about the game basics and combat controls. Keep reading the article for further Fire Emblem Heroes tips.


Attacking mechanism.

Let’s cover how you are supposed to perform attacks on the opponents target at the game, your life is at the stake so you will need to start performing hostile actions against the enemy in order to eliminate it out of the scene, draw a line from your hero to the enemy target and watch it getting attacked automatically, as long as the battle is taking place keep your eyes on the Health bar at the top side of the screen, it will indicate to you how far are you from taking out the enemy or how close yourself from the death.

Receive Awesome Rewards After Each Mission!

After the completion of each mission you will receiving experience points which works on advancing your level from one to another, you can use the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats so you would be able to become stronger and finish as many missions as possible which would comeback in return with higher levels and more features in the game unlocked.

An Active Internet Connection Is Needed in Certain Situations.

The game requires an active and stable internet connection to start and function properly, since it has many features related to the internet connection and communications over all with other players at the game servers so make sure you are having this point covered before stepping into the game in order to avoid any waste of time or even progress.

But also we should be mentioning the ability to play the game in the offline mode, and in this mode all your progress and improvements will never get updated to the leaderboards unless you connect the game back to the internet.

The Need for Orbs Will Increase as You Progress IN The Game, So Start Using Fire Emblem Heroes Hack to Cover Your needs!

At this part of the article we shall be discussing the attributes of each hero and let you understand the most important ones that you should be working on upgrading them using the Fire Emblem Heroes hack, since you will be having multiple thousands of orbs for free once you start using it, so the hero upgrading process shall become only a matter of time until you do it.


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