Fishing Life was created and published by “Nexelon inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

The old Gandhi once said, fishing is to heal the heart. This game has managed to bring an outstanding fishing experience in a peaceful and simple game.

You will be given the chance to fish a single tiny fish and end up by chasing down whales with a very simple controlling system added to the surrounding effects in the sea, which will give you a very pleasing experience.

The experience will not stop at catching different species of fishes, you will be eligible to enjoy keeping the rare ones and expand the aquarium to create your own gallery.

Upgrade the boat and the other gears with Fishing Life cheats, as it will grant you tons of golds and gems to continue your journey without any problems.

Get Started

This is one of the most complicated games in the market at the moment, so you should back yourself up with the necessary information. The right information that will keep you going on track forward, could be found in this Fishing Life review.

We will introduce you to the most interesting parts of the gameplay, we will consider the advanced instructions in this article, but for now you should prepare yourself to use Fishing Life Hack, as it will do wonders for you inside the sea!

Time has come to teach you about the main principles of the gameplay. First, you need to use a small fish as a bait to catch a big fish. As you advance in the game, your bait will change and your targets will change accordingly as well…

  • You must find a great fishing spot, so moving around with the boat should do it for now.

Move forward by clicking the right of the screen, and the opposite can be said about going backwards, as these are the only directions available for you as a player.

There will be a very relaxing music being played in the background, it will enhance your fishing mode and deliver to you a perfect experience, especially if you were a fisherman already in the real life!

Gameplay Experience

Once you reach the right spot for fishing, it would mean you can start doing it right away, but you have to learn the fishing basics first.

  • Please hold the casting button for 2 seconds
  • Keep in mind that big fish live deep in the water
  • Once the fish takes the bait, pull the string by tapping on the button continuously
  • Try putting the fish in the net to keep it stored
  • Use Fishing Life Hack to upgrade your baits and gears in general.

For each successful catch in the sea, you will be rewarded with gold coins. These gold coins are used in upgrading the rod’s level.

You can catch higher level fish once your rod’s level is higher. Try upgrading your fishing rod with the gold coins from Fishing Life Hack.

You can always go deeper in the water to catch bigger fishes with the long fishing line.

The reel plays a vital part in the gameplay, as it will increase the total distance of the fishing line.

Note: if the fishing net is full, I cannot catch any more. So you should keep on checking frequently in order to keep all the fishes stored.



How To Get Coins?

You can purchases upgraded bait and special bait at the store. You can also purchase boats and clothes. Now, you can freely enjoy fishing!

The gold coins will keep coming to you for each completed mission. There are several ways to get coins, and we are planning to illustrate these methods for you down below…

  • When reservation to receive a gift, you can get a free gift tomorrow
  • Opening the game daily will reward you with coins
  • Using Fishing Life Hack is the most reliable method
  • Completing missions
  • Catching fishes

Note: you can catch bigger fish if you use fish ‘as bait’. Aim at big fish to get a higher reward and complete missions successfully.

If you are enjoying the game, then you might want to give it a visit to the store and give it a decent rating.

It is always recommended to upgrade your tools and enhance your abilities to catch bigger fishes and advance forward throughout the game.

For each small fish you catching, there will be an option to use it as a bait or exchange it for gold coins. We would advise you to use it as a bait, since the Fishing Life cheats will cover up your needs of gold coins.

Upgrade Your Gears With Fishing Life Cheats!

You should upgrade the fishing gut and go down deeper. Move around forward and backwards to search for treasures on the surface of the sea. You found a treasure chest in the sea. You can earn gold by touching the box icon.

  • Note: the most advanced gears could be obtained through Fishing Life Hack.

I think the fishing rod needs to be stronger for that fish. The grade of bait is now…you can sell the fish in the fishing net or move them into the aquarium. Move the fish into the aquarium…please choose the fish to put in the aquarium.

Go check the fish you put in the aquarium…the fish stored in the aquarium automatically earn gold regularly. But gold is only earned while the fish have energy.

  • When the fish have no energy, you can recover it by feeding them. You can collect gold earned by the fish from pressing the ‘Get gold’ button.

The Fishing Life cheats will always cover the expenses of the and boost your performance.

I heard there’s a whale in the deep water!

Multiply the earnt gold from treasures by watching an advertisement. Check the equipment you need for fishing.

  • Bait hide: crank bait, hide the bait for 9 seconds.
  • Bait guard: minnow, ignore the fish below 2 level.
  • Advanced bait: fish only bait.

You can always a slot for an extra fish in your aquarium as it will get filled with fishes eventually. This is a very important move to spend the gold you getting from Fishing Life cheats to accomplish the task.

The game will not allow you to keep on selling the fishes in the net without any limits. There is a major problem as you will have to wait for a certain period of time in order to be able to sell more fishes, this means you cannot keep on playing the game for the whole day.

  • You can watch an AD and continue the fish selling legacy, or you can use the Fishing Life cheats and enjoy unlimited selling numbers of fishes for the whole experience.

You might want to dodge the small fishes at certain points to allow your line to go deeper as much as possible for bigger chances.

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