The Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch game is considered to be the best fishing game in the market so far as it will be providing you with high quality and realistic graphics combined with awesome rivalry league system that is available to every single player no exceptions, purchasing equipment and upgrading yours is an available option to improve your fishing abilities and become a better fisherman!

But as everything else in our life, you will not be able to purchase new gears or even upgrade the current ones unless you have the needed resources and that is when the Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch cheats will be taking place and solving out this problem for you and yes this service comes for free without any extra charges applied.

The Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch was created by “FunnyPack Inc” and you can start downloading it on IOS or Android devices.

Meet Your New Assistant Alice!

Meet Alice the guide for every new beginner in the game, and since you are not familiar with the basics inside and do not know exactly what you are supposed to do at the first steps, then it is recommend to follow Alice`s advice and also add the Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch guide of ours next to her tips go far in very limited time.

Head to Tahiti as A Begging.

But first let’s get to our famous fishing spot before doing anything else, since we do believe that practicing is the best way to learn things. Starting from Tahiti as it is considered to be a sacred place for every fisherman around the world, and as you fish more and increase your own experience in this part, there will be more fishing spots getting unlocked for you, but in order to fasten up this process you could use the Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch cheats and get them all unlocked instantly without having to wait.

Different Fishing Spots Comes with Different Rewards.

Now getting into the fishing details, you should know that every fishing spot has different fish species and that is coming back to the different of the climate and the water type, some fishes prefer warm water others are in deep sea for the cold water, it just keeps changing and nothing is the same over time.

Increase Your Energy Using the Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch Hack.

But let’s stop talking and head right into the action to teach you exactly how to catch your first fish!

Cast a lure by swiping upside on the fishing rod, touch from the bottom of the screen to the top side of it, be noted that every time you will be casting the lure it will be draining your energy out so be careful with that as once you are out of energy you will be no longer able to fish anymore unless it is regenerated and this could be taking time but can be fixed out by having the Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch hack, as with the resoruces created from it, you could be purchasing energy packs in enormous numbers that would allow you to never run out of energy no matter how many lures you have cashed out.

Free Tips for Beginner’s.

This section will be only exclusive for the daily Fishing Rivals Hook & Catch tips and it will be updated regularly in case anything or update has taken place, you can be also getting strength and tension if you ever caught a big fish and that is going to result for an experience bonus and also rewards but that is coming back to how your casting a lure and where.

Once you throw out your lure, your mission is not over yet as you will have to guide it to the place where the fish are staying and it’s marked on the screen, but once you catch out a fish you would need to reel the fish in until the distance between you and it is almost 0, that is how you get a fish for the dinner my friend.


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