Flame Dragon Knights was created and published by “Camex Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

As the one and only officially authorize sequel to flame dragon knights. A very interesting RPG with a very solid storyline, that is very rare to see nowadays in the current games.

We have enjoyed the several features inside the game such like the arena, Special quests, and of course the storyline as we have mentioned previously.

Create your own team of heroes and get ready to save the kingdom from falling. The main downside we have noticed in the gameplay is the dependency on the in-game shop. Therefore, the Flame Dragon Knights hack will play a vital role in your progress.

Get Started

We are planning to take you through a very interesting Flame Dragon Knights review to show you the details of the gameplay. We are expecting you to be excessively good at the game by the end of this chapter, so please stay focused!

We will begin our journey by walking through the gameplay contents and nothing is better than starting from the first Novice Chapter.

Meet Hykenas, he will inform you about the status of the enemies, as they are formidable at this time and you must hold out. If you do the otherwise, then the golden castle will fall following up with the whole destruction of the Maraterra!

However, you have to do something, as you cannot hold out anymore at this position, the casualties are increasing.

That will be leaving you with the only option, which is Providence. They key of providence has been sealed by Yoni right after she came back. However, she has shut her system down.

The secret of the key is kept on her memory core. We have to get into Yoni’s memory core to find it. At this point, you should be ready to move into the next phase of the gameplay.



Battle System In Depth

You must be wondering on how to attack your opponent, but with the dynamic system they have implemented into the combat mode, we have found it a little bit interesting. Drag the ally to the enemy to attack it.

This will move the battle into a small cinematic movie scene. You can find the health bar located on the top sides of the screen including yours and your enemy.

The battle is split into rounds, so you must be strong enough to finish your enemy as fast as possible in the early rounds.

  • The Flame Dragon Knights hack is the best bet to help in in this regard.
  • Winning a battle will reward you with interesting items.
  • The harder the battle, the bigger the rewards will be.
  • Ranged units will be able to attack the enemies within 2 tiles.
  • Attacking your enemy from further distance will result in having an upper hand from your enemy. Attacking him without being attacked in a round, so you are one round ahead.

Cast your special skills to deal a massive blow to your enemy. You can improve and upgrade those skills by spending your resources and advancing in the level. If the cost was pretty, much high on you, then the Flame Dragon Knights cheats will cover it up for you.

Summon New Team Members With Flame Dragon Knights Cheats!

Your team is consisting of several heroes. You have to know exactly the attributes of each hero you own in order to pick the right team for the battles.

Finding the right combination between the ranged and melee ones is a tough job. We will cover up the attributes with more details later on here.

  • Heroes will be added to your army by summoning them. You can summon them at the citadel. It is coming free at the first time only!
  • Remember that continuous summoning will require less welking key than single summoning.
  • Summon for continuous 5 times to save 5 welking keys!

Flame Dragon Knights cheats will increase your summoning chances.

Once you got everything is set up at its place, then it would be the right time choose a rune. Each color of rune will mean a different type of hero that you will receive.

  • Light rune: it will summon a light hero.
  • Green Rune: will summon a nature hero.

Each hero is rated with stars system, the more stars your hero has the stronger he will be on the battlefield.

We have received in our test Carrie! Kenes’s second apprentice, excellent in both beauty and martial technique. Her unbelievable speedy moves often caught her enemy off guarded.

If you stop summoning the welking key require will reset to 5. So use the Flame Dragon Knights cheats to enjoy the continuous summoning offer.



Understand Your Heroes Attributes

Each hero has a list of main attributes and three slots for special skills. The attributes will vary depending on the hero type.

  • Health points
  • Attacking power
  • Movement speed
  • Armor level
  • Special skill attacking power

Some heroes are pretty much at tanking the damage and can hold on the battle for longer periods. We love having a one tank in our team to stand in the frontlines.

We can improve the abilities of each hero by putting our hands on the Flame Dragon Knights cheats. However, following a certain tactic when you are picking the heroes is a critical move.

The ranged heroes must be there to deal massive damage from distance, this will stop your enemies from even getting close to you and deal any recognized damage.

You are also given the freedom to create more than one team; each team should have its specialization and battle types to join. That is something you should put into your consideration alongside the Flame Dragon Knights hack.


Keep yourself up to date with the event notifications system; it should be informing you about the special events the game team are going to hold in the future. The rewards from these rewards are pretty much high and you will enjoy the competition with the other players.

You can receive the diamonds through the mail at the main hall area. So do not worry about the functionality of the Flame Dragon Knights hack.

You may also start doing quests and move along the side story, or if you are looking for real story, then the story maps at the north part of the area will offer you an excellent experience.

  • The Arena will get unlocked at certain level, and you must be strong enough to enter it, as the challenge level there is very high.
  • Do not forget about the daily quests and to receive your daily login reward. These quests will be refreshed every 24 hours.
  • You can always pay a visit to the settings menu to customize the gameplay experience, as you want.

We are speaking here about changing the language of the game. You can also use the social media accounts as a login option to keep all your progression data at a safe spot.

This will allow you to retrieve all your data including the resources you got from Flame Dragon Knights hack on any device by simply using the same saved account to login back again.

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