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By using the Flip Master cheats, you can now get the gold bar starter for free.

Flip Master is released on 27 July 2017, as the game was created and developed by

Flip Master is now available for free to download on all the Android devices starting from firmware of 4.0.3 and higher through Google Play, in addition the game is also available for free to download through the App Store as you must have IOS of 7.0 or higher in order to run the game, as Flip Master is compatible with the IPhones, IPads and IPods touch screen, however there are in game purchases that you can buy some features in the game for real money, or you can simply use the Flip Master cheats to get the gold bar starter for free.


Flip Master will change your idea about the mobile gaming!

When you first open Flip Master for the first time on your mobile device, you will be amazed by how the soundtracks of the game looks like, as you will feel like you are in a movie theater not just playing a game that you have download whether from the App Store or from Google Play, there is also the sound effects are well designed, I believe that the sound mixing took huge and long effort to come in this way, so we need to thank the developers for their great effort, and if you like this game as well, the best thing to do is to go to their link on Google Play if you are an Android user, or go to the App Store if you are an Apple user, to rate this application and give it the five stars, as it is really well deserved.

The Flip Master guide will give you a warning in the beginning of the game, and it will appear only once, and that is when you start the game for the first time on your mobile device, as the warning is that the following game features trampoline stunts modelled carefully based on professional trampoliners, and accordingly, no one should attempt to recreate or reenact any jumps or activities performed on this game, for your own safety, do not try this at home, so if you simply  agree to these terms of conditions, you can tap on the green button which is located at the bottom of your device’s screen that says, I agree, then you can continue the game in peace.


Play the Flip Master tutorial again and again until you become a master on the trampoline, as this game is not a joke.

The game controls are very easy, as the Flip Master game developers spent huge time and effort trying to make the game as simple as it could be, because the real game which is in the out world is really hard to practice and play, so the Flip Master crew tried their best to find the solution to play the game while you are over a hundred pound.

While you are in the air, press and gold the screen to speed up your rotation speed, but be careful as you must release your finder before landing on the trampoline, as you will jump automatically after touching the trampoline, and while pressing, just try to move your finger to push your character to the left or the right direction, and do not forger to try to land on your feet or on your back, as with those positions you can jump stronger than the other positions and this will give you the ability to perform better on the trampoline as the Flip Master tips said.

The first thing that you are not allowed to do In the game is to land on your head or on your stomach, because it is so wrong, and if somebody tried to do that in the real world, he will feel huge amount of pain, so this is totally wrong to do, and when you finish the Flip Master tutorial, you can play it again just by tapping on the green question mark button which is located at the right top corner of your device’s screen.


Higher score will earn you more coins!

Your main job here in Flip Master is to collect gold coins to use them in the game, as you can just relief your mind and get your hands on the Flip Master cheats to get the gold coins that you will need for free as always.

The Flip Master guide will help you through your game career, as it will give you ten points for the score for each flip that you make in one level, and if you make more than one flip, the score will just double to you, as you will get twenty points for the score, and if you make half flip, you will take only five points for the score, do not forget that you have to collect as much points as you can to increase your points for the score to get more gold coins.



Keep your eyes on the statistics of the game!

The statistics here in Flip Master are very important, as you will need to watch them, as  they can and will tell you  how many jumps have you made so far in that level, and how many flips as well, and the total score that you have, and last but not least there is your record of greatest score you have ever made in the history of playing Flip Master.


If you fall on your head, the game is over!

If you jump on your head or your stomach, you will immediately lose the game, as the score that you have reached so far will count as your final score, and you can not continue from where you have lost earlier, so be careful not to land on those positions, and try not to take the risks of doing flips if you are not sure whether you will land on your feet or your back or not at all, just do not do that flip, and continue with your score to live another day to make another flips as their score will add to your score and then you can beat your old record and make a harder score to be broken by anybody.


By using the Flip Master hack, you can customize your character!

When you lose a game in Flip Master, you can relive again by watching a quick ad offered by the game, as this will give you a second chance to make a higher score in order to beat your record, as you can also watch a random ad to get gold coins, and if you look and seek for more gold coins, just improve your score as the game will reward you with gold coins, and also there will be random gold coins In the level that you will just need to touch to collect them to your inventory, or you can just relief your mind and get the Flip Master hack to get unlimited gold coins, or you can use it to get unique and brand new trampolines, as you can also customize your character as well and make it looks better than before, and that will give you good influence on your playing style, as you will recognized in the field of this sport.

At the beginning you will have a backyard trampoline, which is a round basic trampoline at your backyard for the basics of jumping, as it is nothing fancy but plenty of fun indeed.

Moreover, if you want to become a pro in that sport, you can join the circus stage, which is one extra-large trampoline with two smaller ones at the side, so can you handle it?


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