Flippy Hills is a unique arcade amusement with cool material science that will give you a lot of rushes and spills, epic wins, comes up short and traps in two methods of your decision:


An enterprise more than many levels, beginning from the least demanding up to the most in-your-face troublesome.


Unending attack courses to contend with your companions and pick up records.

– Original diversion mechanics in view of honest to goodness material science—these chickens get crushed up like genuine ones!



– We’ve made a cluster of no-nonsense levels for players who cherish outrageous trouble. Try not to be a chicken—see what you can accomplish!

– Different chickens of your decision: survey what they look like when they’ve flown directly into a solid divider at mind boggling speed!

– Record replays without additional applications and offer comical falls flat and stunning playthroughs!

– Smart streamlining framework that decides your gadget’s abilities and adjusts the designs for best execution

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