Enter a surviving challenge to save the old Slime home from being destroyed and demolish by the evil harvester machine. An interesting story and a hard mission is waiting for you ahead. Playing with “slimie” the smart creature and jump from one point to another trying to save the slime race.

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Flying Slime was created and released by “Youzu Stars” company and it is available for downloading and playing for free. It is compatible with almost every Android and IOS platform.

The requirements needed to run the game are way too low, and that is considered to be an advantage as they didn’t miss out the graphics quality and animations at the same time. Enjoy the 2D game on your screen to kill the time and follow a sequence of interesting levels.

Learn More About the Game.

This will be our quick introduction about the game overall, but do not worry as we will dive deeper into the gameplay at our Flying Slime guide.

A complicated game, the blue color is taking over every part of it. So you may consider this to become your favorite bed time game, the brightness inside is way too low. Playing and completing missions will require a lot of training from you. We are speaking here about the art of swinging and keeping the balance of the slime to move from one point to another without hitting any sharp object.

Apparently each mission is following a certain path to be completed, and you have no overall vision, so this will make things much more complicated, but right here we are planning to ease things up.

Hard Work Will Eventually Pay Off.

At the end of each mission, there will be a detailed report of your performance in there. try to always to score the three stars out of three by doing no mistakes and sticking to the given time range. This is not very easy we know, but if you have started to follow our pack of Flying Slime tips, you will manage to do it easily later on.



Hard Controlling System.

Speaking about the controls, which is the hardest thing in the game. You are given two buttons on the two side corners of the screen. They are responsible for getting you hooked up with a surface on the higher ground, that is when the swinging starts to happen.

Try to find the right balance between the two buttons in order to descend to a higher level. Maybe you can improve the abilities of your slime with Flying Slime cheats, but that is something we are planning to save on the next segments.

How to Swing Properly?

You have to hold your hands when you are swinging, any release will result in a break of the linking wire and you will drop down.

You may only let your slime fall down if you are landing on the precious crystal. And that is what the entire game is evolving around.

The slime will get automatically attached to the crystal, but you have to get as close as possible and once you are at the right position, release the link. Having boosters to help you out with the mission will cost you spirit stones, which are easily obtainable through Flying Slime hack.

Share The Game with Your Friends.

Feel free to share the mission’s results on your social media accounts. It will attract more friends of yours to enter the challenging game and you will also have the complete right to brag about your score.

With Flying Slime hack, you will be breaking every previous record on the game and writing your name on the top of the leaderboard among the top tier players easily.

Move from one level to another and stay alive to rescuer your entire slime race.

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