Forged Fantasy was created and published by “Hothead Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

An incredible storyline that will put many questions on the table. Your friends and people who look exactly like you has suddenly turned into monsters and trying to take the kingdom down…there must be something dirty happening!

Get them coins from Forged Fantasy cheats and raise an army of talented swordsmen to figure out this mystery.

Get Started

We will begin our Forged Fantasy review with a look over the available modes. There are seven different playable modes but they will become available as you progress forward, at the current moment the campaign mode is the only one.

Here is the list of the available modes:

  • Campaign
  • Survey
  • Pvp
  • Co-Op
  • Events
  • Gauntlet
  • Solo Raids

Our focus at the moment will be on the campaign mode. You will be starting the game with the Hero Ben “Deadeye Ranger”. The enemies are definitely ono you. You need to secure some cover.

How To Play?

You must follow the smart tactical plan that we have created for the beginners, and since you are reading this review at the moment, we will assume that you are a beginner as well.

First, your defense is weak and your skills are not high enough, so finding the right cover would be a good start.

While you are hiding behind the cover, use the left thumb to aim on the enemies. Once you have the cursor on its place, and then use the right thumb to shoot the enemy right away!

  • If your cover was exposed or blown away by any chance, then swiping on the screen will dodge you from one cover to another. Do this action quickly…
  • Drag down on the screen to take cover again whilst you were attacking.

The Forged Fantasy hack will help you with clearing out the combat scene from enemies, but you must read the following instructions to understand exactly how it will work.



Gameplay & Storyline

In this game, you will not be using only one hero for fact, you may control more than one and they are shown as a portrait image on the top left corner.

Switch between them according to the situation, as each hero will come with a certain mission and ability.

You can always change the game sensitivity level from the settings menu if you are facing troubles to aim and shoot quickly. Checking on the Forged Fantasy hack services to increase your damage by upgrading the heroes could solve the issue as well…

Activate the special skills when it is necessary, do not use it repeatedly as it will take long time until it becomes available again.

Advance Up In Level To Increase Your Stamina

At the moment, we have no idea where these monsters are coming form, but it is unsettling having to keep shooting them down, people that look like us!

Completing the missions will reward you with experience levels, gold coins, and even items. Advancing up in the level will increase your overall abilities and powers.

  • The coins and items could be easily obtained through the Forged Fantasy hack.

Collect More Heroes Using Forged Fantasy Cheats!

Your line up needs to be solid enough to face the upcoming challenges. You cannot save the kingdom with only the two starting heroes. That is when we will be visiting the shop and search for more heroes…

  • Crates may reward you with the heroes you are searching for, but they come at a huge cost. That is why using the Forged Fantasy cheats to get those coins for crates would be the ideal solution.
  • The heroes will come in the ten stars rating, so the higher the stars number the stronger the hero will be on the battleground.

If you feel like you are strong enough, then switch the difficulty level from normal to hard for higher challenge and bigger reward.

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