Frag Pro Shooter was created and published by “Oh BiBi” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

The main idea behind this game is the real time team duels. You can now create your own team with the cards and enter a battlefield against another team.

You will be given the chance to put a tactical plan and instruct each member in your team with a mission. There will be greater rewards for the winners and you may maneuver around on the map to achieve the victory.

The coins and diamonds are playing a vital role in the game that is why it is important to use the Frag Pro Shooter hack.

Get Started

The game begins with a quick tutorial, it is not a big deal to be honest, but it was created to teach you as a beginner the main basics of the gameplay.

We have decided to include the information that was given in the tutorial at the starting part of our Frag Pro Shooter review.

We will begin with the first basic thing, shooting. You can start shooting by aiming on the opponent and the character will start attacking right away automatically, or double tap on the bottom right side of the screen to attack manually.

Moving around in the third person view is not hard. You will just drag the pad on the left corner, but you cannot change the viewing angel from this side. Swipe on the right side of the screen to change the direction of the camera.

The game is based mainly on the coins currency, so the Frag Pro Shooter cheats could be a smart addition to your play due to its ability to flood up your account with coins.

  • Do not forget to use your unique ability, since each character is coming with a unique ability. For example, the starting character is coming with the healing skill. Use it to restore your health points to its full or heal your teammates.



Skip The Unlocking Periods With Frag Pro Shooter Cheats

The battlefield will come loaded up with coins, but you should not ignore the main goal and collect the coins on the map.

  • Collecting coins and ignoring the action running around you will cause your team loss or your character annihilation.

As we have illustrated earlier, the Frag Pro Shooter cheats will cover up all your needs for diamonds and gold, so that is another reason to focus on your main goal.

Another usage for the Frag Pro Shooter hack diamonds. After winning any battle, there will be a pack of rewards and there is a high possibility of getting a treasure chest. Those chests will get unlocked after a certain period, the better the reward, the longer it will take to be opened.

You can skip the waiting period right away by spending coins or diamonds.

The game offers you the ability to pick a unique name for your character, or even share your code with your friends on other applications so they would be able to add you much faster.

Track Your Records

Despite the great gameplay experience, we have enjoyed the idea of customizing and tracking down all your personal stats.

On the personal stats, you can see the following:

  • Number of victories
  • The cards you have found so far and the remaining ones
  • Highest trophies you have ever earned
  • The time you have spent playing the game
  • Chests opened
  • Donations or the Frag Pro Shooter hack

The cosmetics are adding the fun part to the game, as you can see the game in different UI and you can change between them according to your preference.

Moving now to the settings menu and the available options to customize to smooth up the gameplay.

  • You can adjust the game to send you notifications according to your addiction level to the game. As you can receive notifications for each single progress in the game.

Connecting your social media accounts to the game could be done as well from the same menu, and we do not have to mention the benefits all over again, but we can say that you will be able to save all your progression data linked to your cloud account.

Change the graphics quality to match your device requirements, as you can see a huge improvement in the battery consumption and the smoother experience in general.

By reaching the end of the customization section, we would love to remind our readers with the main source for free diamonds and coins “ Frag Pro Shooter cheats “.



Card Tactics Revealed

The system and gameplay is somewhat different to cards game, but the foundation in the game is the cards. All your heroes are coming in cards form and their abilities and powers will work the same way any card would work in a card game.

The game is coming 36 cards in general, and you can use the Frag Pro Shooter cheats to help you with discovering as many cards as possible in very short period.

There are certain types of cards and we shall explain them to you on the following list:

  • Attack
    1. Go forward and attack opponent targets
  • Defense
    1. Stay back and defend the bunker
  • Camp
    1. Stay at the back and protect the main tower
  • Center
    1. Stay in the middle and control the bridges
  • Wildcard
    1. Can go anywhere on the arena randomly

You may enter the game shop to purchase chests or receive your daily cards. The chests could be also obtained with the diamonds from Frag Pro Shooter cheats.

You may also join a club or create one. The club offers you an easy communication with your club mates and a challenge over the club leaderboard ranking.

The clubs can go in battles against each other, but that will require a decent communication between the members. That is when the chat box feature will come to use.

General Tips

The game requires from you to have a stable internet connection, as you will be matched against other players online.

Tapping on the highlighted red areas will command your team members to attack the place, and you can see a counter of the number of attackers whom have joined so far.

  • Try to be smart when you are giving out orders, and upgrade your team with Frag Pro Shooter hack to be able to cope up with the competition level.

At the starting levels, the battles will be easy and you may not face big trouble winning it. However, as you win a game after a game, your overall rank will increase. This means you will be matched against much stronger opponents as well.

On the top sides of the game, you can see the points for each team and the remaining time. If the teams are in the draw state, then there will be an overtime calculated.

  • If you ever were shot, you will be moved into the spectator mode and watch the remaining members of your team fighting.

Try to check the missions list as it will add a meaning to the game and provide you with rewards for each completed mission. We do understand since you are a user of the Frag Pro Shooter hack, that the rewards from completing missions is nothing compared to what you get.

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