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This game has all what it takes to make it the next big hit in the smartphone gaming industry. Riot has managed to make a perfect carding game by combining all the real existing heroes in the original League Of Legends game and create this masterpiece.

Cards are the main source of power in this game and there are several ways to earn them. We are going to illustrate everything related to the cards in depth down below, but we have to remind you with our Legends Of Runeterra Cheats Services.

Here is a list of gameplay key Features:

  • Craft Your Strategy
    • New Metas will always come to life by experiencing new heroes and combinations
  • Skill Above All
    • Your decisions will determine the end-game result
  • Your Cards, Your Way
    • Take complete control of the card customization settings
  • Choose Your Main Champion
    • Whom you willing to take with you into the battleground?
  • Combine Regions To Conquer
    • Each region comes with its own style and tactics
  • It is an online only Game

Scroll down, if you are looking for a detailed review of the game and an explanation on how Legends Of Runeterra Guides service works.

Get Started

In this Legends Of Runeterra Review, we have decided to make it more like a game walkthrough than anything else. So as you read it from the beginning to the end, you should be living the exact experience of a real life player.

Choose between two main logins options:

  • Google Play Store Account For Android
  • Riot Games Account For Global Platforms
  • ITunes Account

Choosing next a name for your account. However, this is how other players will see you in the game. Make sure you are picking a catchy name be easily recognized once you become a top tier player.

If you would like to send your profile to a friend for adding purpose, then remember to send them this Tagline starting with “#” mark.

Note: Do not forget to keep your Wi-Fi turned on at game startups to download any possible updates.

As game begins, you must be ready to receive your first deck ever. It will contain all the basic cards you need and nothing special will be given there.

Battle System Overview

By the time you receive your first set of cards, 4 battles will be waiting for you to teach you exactly how the game works. This is also a good opportunity to learn more about the received cards on the real battlefield.

Here is a quick look over gameplay HUD

  • Your hand that contain your cards should be on the right bottom corner of screen
    • Tap on hand to expand it
    • Tap on a champion to read its description
    • Tap again on card to release on the battlefield
  • Left far side contains the players information’s and communication emoji’s
  • Pass button is always an option to use if you do not have the right cards to summon
  • Top right corner you can access settings menu or exit the challenge.


Each champion has its own main attributes, but you must understand exactly the key features of each hero.

  • Blue colored number is the Mana points required to summon it
  • Red colored number
    1. This is how much damage a unit can take before it is defeated
  • Orange colored number
    1. Amount of damage a hero can deal in a round
  • Level Up
    1. Champions level up in different ways and it is shown on the card
  • Legends Of Runeterra Hack will always grant you a unique deck of your own choice without any extra charges

In Legends Of Runeterra, you and your opponent go back and forth taking actions each round. That is how the system works inside.

Destroy The Nexus At All Cost!

Drag and drop your heroes into the battlefield to execute attacks to take down your opponents Nexus. However, your opponent can always block your attack.

Blocking? What is it?

Your opponent can block your attack! Which means it is your action again, but you do not have cards yet. So tap ok to resolve the battle.

Get extra cards at the beginning by activating Legends Of Runeterra Hack services from the link shown up above.

Winning battles will always reward you some cool cards, but they are very common cards and will never take you any further in the ranked system.

Back-up Your Strategic Plan With Legends Of Runeterra Cheats

You can always play randomly and enjoy summoning your strongest players from the deck and show off how solid you are, but such a plan may not work all the time against a player with solid defensive deck.

Here is a list with the key factors on the battlefield

  • Choose your deck members according to a pre-made plan
  • Change from offensive state to defensive state when needed
  • Activating Legends Of Runeterra Cheats for a larger pool of cards
  • Try to predict the next move of your opponent
  • Remembering that you can only attack every other round.
  • Utilize your Mana consumption
  • When both players pass without acting, the round ends

Each round your mana refills, and you gain an additional mana gem!

Moving next to the spells part. This game contains some magical cards which can deal powerful effects onto the battlefield.

You can turn the tide of a battle with a single spell card!

What are the speed of spells in the game?

  • Burst Spells
    1. Can be played at any time
    2. They are the fastest as they take effect immediately
    3. They do not count as taking an action
  • Fast
    1. Can be played at any time, even when it is not your turn
    2. Your opponent can play it to counter you
    3. It is mainly used to boost up a certain hero
  • Slow
    1. Can only be played when it is your turn
    2. Can be interacted at the right moment
    3. It cannot take effect instantly during the combat phase

Spell cards can be obtained through the game store or by activating Legends Of Runeterra Hack services.

Final Verdict

We have enjoyed our time playing this game, and with the right in-game customization, it will turn into an addictive game, that you can barely close.

Purchasing cards in the game could be an irritating idea, as they tend to mainly jump to a conclusion of a pay to win game, but we do not think it was created for pure profit purpose. However, you can always take a look over Legends Of Runeterra Hack to purchase those cards that suit your playing style.

Enter settings menu to change the graphics level to match up with your device specifications. It will also give you a longer playing period as it saves battery at low quality.

You can always contact the support team if you are experiencing any in-game trouble. However, we do believe that Legends Of Runeterra Tips will be more than enough to cover up all your needs inside.



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