The game you would be surely safe when you leave your kids playing it, it will start increasing their intelligence and their knowledge by going through different simple missions and easy tasks to perform at the game so far, but since you came here to our website it is clear that you are looking for a way in order to unlock all the game missions without having to keep paying it with your own credit card, here is the solution, make sure you are using the Funny Food cheats for free and watch the magic happens as instantly after using it the game will get fully unlocked and it is totally safe and secure.

This game was created by “WOOOW! Inc” Top Preschool Learning Games for Kids and Kindergarten Educational Free Apps for Toddlers” and it is available to be downloaded on Android or IOS devices.

Your First Mission.

Cake for Mommy, that Is going to be your toddler first mission ever make sure you sitting right next to him to be able to teach him all the techniques and playing moves, the game itself will start a simple tutorial to show you how things work around here, all you have to do is just to follow the instructions shown at the screen, also the Funny Food cheats will be unlocking extra missions to play in freely.

A Quick Brief Over the Game Settings Menu.

Right here we will take a small tour into the game settings and let you know the options you can customize depending on your won preference without having to worry about anything else.

The game music can be turned off or on depending wither you want to listen to it whilst playing the game or want to play any other third party application maybe?

Also the game has a very strict security service to prevent the kids from playing with anything or ruining up the game, they cannot access the support section or any other part unless they solve a simple mathematical equation.

Remember that the game is available to be played in several languages so no matter where do you live the game will be suitable for your own language.

Simple Storyline.

The storyline of the game is split into several levels, and each level has story based around it as for level one, you will be going at the first mission called cake for mommy followed by sorting, silhouettes, shops!

That is the level one, and you will never be able to play in the mission 2 quests unless you finish the ones you are already playing in, that is why you could use some Funny Food guide that we are writing right here for our readers and users in the game.

Unlock All the Locked Missions Via Funny Food Hack for Free!

Once you complete the given missions at the beginnings of the game, you will be forced to start paying with your credit card to unlock the next missions, they do not come for free actually, that is why the Funny Food hack is such a valuable item you should be keeping your eyes on and start using it at the first moment you installing the game, you will have the freedom of accessing any level you wish as the game will turn into an open book for you.

Follow The Game Missions.

Dragging down the colors from the side of the screen is going to be your first tutorial, and you can find the game is giving you Funny Food tips at each mission since the game was actually created for the toddlers, we totally recommend you to install this game as it is perfectly designed for them to teach them new skills and improve their mind abilities in very short time rather than watching videos on YouTube or listening to music.

The game was meant for toddlers but still I do play it as well and I love the colors and the mission stories and how it is very simple to guide you through different tasks.


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