Welcome to this new world community, where the battle that is going on between two sides and both are supposed to be machines but the innocent humans are the casualties of this battle, start improving your powers and skills in order to put an end to this endless battle going on and bring peace back to the world.

And to reach your goals much faster than anyone else you will need to put your hands over the Futuristic Car Robot Rampage cheats, which is going to remove the in game ads and also provide you with the sufficient amount of funds to purchase whatever you want and all of these services coming for free.

The game was created and published by “Tapinator, Inc. (Ticker: TAPM)” company and you can be downloading it for free on android and IOS devices.


At the first scenes of the game you will be finding your own robot standing in the middle of the streets waiting for you to press on the play button that is located at the middle of the screen and enter the combat!

But first out the Futuristic Car Robot Rampage guide we shall be expressing many other information that you will never be finding anywhere else, such as the settings that can be edited inside the game or even the login options for your account.

If you ever went to the settings menu, you will never be impressed as it is simple and has only 2 options related to the game music and sound effects either you want to turn them on or off.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Saving.

The game allows you to either use the twitter or the Facebook account as a cloud saving option, keep in mind that the game will never be posting anything on your behalf or without your permission on your social media accounts also this would allow you to access the game saved data from the place you desire yourself in case you have lost the device or purchased new one, you can still continue your gaming career from the point you have stopped.

Another advantage we can mention here is the ability of being able to send invitations to your friends to enter the game or even share your latest progression to brag about it.

Customize Your Robot.

Before entering the combat scene, you can choose from up to four different colors located at the left side of the screen, so customize your robot as you want and once you feel you are ready to play the game, tap on the play button and you will get to the mission’s menu and see the stars rating and how they are connected to each other, you can find some awesome Futuristic Car Robot Rampage tips on how to score the full mark on the missions you playing in with the minimum effort.

Using The Futuristic Car Robot Rampage Hack Will Smoothen Up the Missions.

Tap on the desired mission you would wish to play in or maybe even replay a completed mission already in order to increase your ratings there, the Futuristic Car Robot Rampage hack will be helping you out with such a thing because it shall be providing you with the necessary resoruces to enhance up your strengths and powers, so once you decide to replay the mission that you already finished with the tool, you would be finding it has become much easier and better.


Coming to the game play and controls now, you can find the controlling pad located at the left side of the screen as it will allow you to move this robot in the desired direction start punching out the cars and destroying the enemy’s robots, all you have to do is to tap on the punch button at the right corner of the screen, and use the Futuristic Car Robot Rampage cheats to increase your outgoing damage and eliminate items much faster.


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