Earn Multiple Numbers of Resources for Free by Getting The FZ9 Timeshift Cheats!

One of the most promising first person shooter game in the world, enjoy the outstanding graphics and decently written storyline with almost no flaws to mention, for maximum results use the FZ9 Timeshift cheats for free.

The game was created by “” company and you can download it on IOS and android devices.

Game Controls.

Gaming controls are explained with icons to let you know exactly what you are tapping on, but right here in the FZ9 Timeshift guide we shall be giving you a brief explanation of how things work in there,

Take a look at the left side of the screen as you can be seeing the directional bad with all the directions located at it so move freely in this open world, and taking a steer to the right side which is contain many important controls that are going to become your most used ones.

Aim at The Head for Higher Damage.

The icon located at the e bottom corner of the screen there is the fire button use it once you aim at the direction with the directional pad and fire at the head as possible because the head damage is usually the highest and it will take down any monster you facing with one shot right next to it you can find the jump button to move over different obstacles maybe even hid behind them if the fire coming at you are heavy and not bearable with your defense.

The weapons are your main damage dealing item in this journey as so right here we will provide you with decent FZ9 Timeshift tips to know exactly where you are going to spend the resources on and never goes to waste, but as we have mentioned the resources we should never forget to mention several ways to get them without spending way too much effort from your side, the first method we got here is by completing the given missions in order and also complete several achievements which are located in the achievements section they will be rewarding you with several resources.

Use The FZ9 Timeshift Hack to Improve Your Powers.

The second way to earn resources Is by using the FZ9 Timeshift hack for free and this is considered to be the safest bet and easiest one as it will take almost no effort from your side to get it completed, all you have to do is to simply click on the link above and watch the magic happens and get them resources into your account as a gift form to avoid getting caught or banned.

Unlock New Features as You Advance in level.

Now let’s take a look back at the weapons section and how you should be having the FZ9 Timeshift cheats to have enough resoruces to purchase and upgrade them to deal much higher damage in less time and bullets, look at the top right side of your screen during the missions so you could be throwing weapons and replacing it with some better weapon at the floor which could be dropped from your opponents that you kill, also this menu can be used to swipe between different weapons in case you ran out of ammo during the battle, react quickly and start firing out with another gun and take them all out.

Several Missions to Play In.

After completing each mission, you will be receiving experience points and they are the main reason behind your level advancement in the game, higher level would simply mean that new features are getting unlocked instantly and that would allow you to increase your powers and gears, also something to mention here is the battle points which are based on your performance in the mission.

The first chapter is consisting of several missions and complete them one by one to proceed to the next chapter, but now before getting deep in the game, make sure you are using the cloud saving feature to allow you to have all your data stored in safe remote place and allows you to retrieve them easily.


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