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Game of Thrones: Conquest is released on 30 June 2017, as it was created and developed by Warner Bros itself.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is not available free to download on all the IOS devices, starting from IOS 10 or higher, but be careful as it was rated for nine plus because it contains violence And Android devices.

Make sure to get and use the Game of Thrones: Conquest cheats to get infinite gold coins and the needed resources to build an unbeatable army that will invade all the kingdoms.

Watch Game of Thrones the series first.

Now the dream has been true, Game of Thrones: Conquest is finally and officially here, as if you are a fan of the Game of Thrones the series, will be surely addicted to this game as it will consume your money and your time, as the Game of Thrones: Conquest has in game purchases, but you can just avoid putting yourself in that position, just by getting your hands on the Game of Thrones: Conquest cheats and save your money, but I can not guarantee that you will save your time, as the series is an addiction, so will be the game soon.

The Game of Thrones: Conquest tips tell and recommend to you to watch the series first before playing the game as it will be more fun that way, because Game of Thrones is not just an ordinary series.

Listed to your Daenerys Targaryen, as she is your guide through the game.

When you first start the game, the Game of Thrones: Conquest guide will bring the star Daenerys Targaryen to welcome you to the game and  to tell you that you can not lose sight of your ultimate goal, as the king’s landing and the Iron Throne, then she will show you a new area to begin your empire, as there is a small house, then she tells you this keep shall be yours to command, Tyrion will help you settle in.



Tyrion Lannister is here to help too!

Tyrion Lannister will welcome you to your new home, then he will give you his first advice which is the first thing you will need to do is rebuild the infrastructure, as you will not conquer anything with a starving army.

So the Game of Thrones: Conquest guide will show you how to build a farm, just tap on the blue arrow, which is located at the right bottom corner of your device’s screen.

Farms produce food to your troops, citizens and other needs.

Farms is very important as Tyrion said that you can not invade and fight with hungry soldiers.

A new farm will cost you two hundred and ten pieces of wood, and it will only take ten seconds, however you can build the farm instantly by tapping on the build now button which is green and located at the left bottom corner of your devices screen for eleven gold coins, however you can use the Game of Thrones: Conquest cheats and get the gold coins that you will need enough to buy all of your buildings.

Collect reward as much as you can.

Tyrion will deliver the first reward of the Game of Thrones: Conquest for your well done job, as he likes to encourage competence, and a Lannister always pays his debts.

The next thing that you will need to do is to wake up the trainer with a swift kick, as he has been drinking once again, and you also need to get more men ready to fight.


Use the Game of Thrones: Conquest hack to get Pouch of Gold coins.

Do not forget to collect the Harvest to increase your resources, as you can get your hands on the Game of Thrones: Conquest hack, to get all the resources that you will need through your game progress.


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