Game of Warriors is a strategic Tower Defense game, but when it comes to the gameplay features and the style of play in general, you will notice how special this game is. You will be taking the control over the city right from the scratch, as your aim is to make the city great and indestructible.

Achieving your goals in any game will require a lot of work and resoruces from your side, and we can ensure you that the Game of Warriors cheats service will be always there to provide you with the necessary coins and other resources free.

Game of Warriors was created and published via “Play365” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through any Android or IOS platform. Of course, there are several requirements must be met and that is what we will reveal on next part.

At the start, you should know that an Android version 4.0 and up is required to run the game, but it does not mean that the game will be smooth as possible and we are working towards this target eventually. Therefore, we can recommend you to use a mid-range device to get rid of the stuttering and any possible delays.


The game is coming in several different languages, we are speaking here about 14 global languages to play the game in. you must pick up the one that makes you feel comfortable with the most as it will make everything later on the game easily understandable.

Of course, reading Game of Warriors guide will take you into a tour all over the game features and smooth everything out, but you must learn the remaining parts on your own and enhance your skill level by practicing over time.

It is your duty as a warrior to defend your city from the invasion and build a strong army that is not only capable of defending the city, but also can march forward and start conquering new areas and armies. Such a task is not going to be very easy, so you must consider following our set of Game of Warriors tips to survive for as long as possible.

First mission in the game will be focusing all the powers to defend the city from the incoming invasion. Losing the city to your enemies will mean the end of any competition or challenge you are chasing.



Very Fluid UI.

We could not think of anything better than going through the details of UI and teach our fellow players how the game played. On the top left side of the screen, you can see a bar that will indicate the amount of soldiers available to be recruited or recalled into the battlefield.

Of course, increasing the numbers and qualities of your soldiers could be done by using Game of Warriors cheats services. That is not our main case now, we are moving forward towards the last part of the game. Each tap on the bottom left corner icon will spawn a soldier into the field.

You are not taking control over anything on the battlefield, you are simply controlling the number and types of soldiers being summoned, and you can interfere to apply some upgrades and changes to the gameplay in general.

The battles will begin after each wave; you can track down the wave timer and know exactly when the next attack willoccur. Also keeping an eye over the wall health points is the most important thing. If the enemies managed to break your defending lines and breach the walls, this will result in a complete chaos and a mess.

Increasing the strength of the wall by using Game of Warriors cheats resources is necessary do thing! Winning the battle will result in a great success and there will be rewards coming to your stock later on.

Upgrade The Walls.

Goblins have no chance against your soldiers and that is a something you will discover by completing the first mission. Upgrade the city defenses to prepare for the upcoming battles in the future. In addition, there is nothing better than Game of Warriors hack to prepare yourself for the future attacks in general.

Upgrading the walls and archers at the starting phases will grant you some extra powers. For example. When the wall is upgraded, this will result in an increase of the totally health points and its standing chances against the incoming attacks.

In addition, the archers will be able to deal much higher damage once you upgrade them. However, as anything the upgrading is coming at a cost, so using Game of Warriors cheats to ensure that you are covering all the expenses related to the upgrading section is such a crucial thing.

On the next part, we will be covering some advanced features of the game and let you get the best results out of them successfully.



Soldiers Tech Tree!

You can change the speed of the game by tapping on the camera icon on the top right corner. It will not affect anything or change what is going to happen next, it will only save you the waiting time and you might as well miss out some details in the combat.

The soldier’s tech tree is the place, where you will be applying upgrades and unlocking new soldiers from. Getting the Game of Warriors hack into service will grant you a full control over any chance of increasing the general strength and powers in the army.

Each solider unit will go through three phases in the upgrading process. First, one is an increase of the attacking damage, and the second one is the defensive armor rating. Higher defensively soldiers should be always taking the lead and blocking the incoming attacks.

The last thing that you can upgrade through Game of Warriors hack is the health points. Your health points will see a huge change when it comes to the lasting periods on the battlefields.

How Does The Bonus System Works?

Bonus system has been integrated in almost every part of the game. However, you will manage to notice it mainly during the attacking phase. Each solider or a unit in general will have its pros and cons and it is going to become our focus point at this segment. Before we progress into the pros and cons, we would advise you to have a variety of all the units by putting your hands over Game of Warriors hack service.

The spear units will be dealing 50% extra bonus damage to the mounted units. Mounted will take out javelin units by extra 50% as well. The javelin will be taking out the spear units. However, when it comes to the swordsmen, they do not have any bonuses or penalties and that is a huge factor when it comes to building a new army.

You can control the arrival time of the next waves, this is a feature they have added to the opening missions, as it will give you the right amount of time you need to rebuild your army and prepare for the attack.

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