SO the game will be giving you this unique experience that you want to become a great warrior. But maybe that is not the only thing, but you should be focusing on creating a great army and leading them through the glory.

Prepare yourself to face various types of creatures coming to invade your beloved city. We are speaking about goblins orcs and even some bloody skeletons all of them marching towards your city and your main goal is to have the right tactics and defending options to keep it standing in one piece solid as never before. With Game of Warriors cheats.

Game of Warriors was created and published by “Play365” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.

The game requires from you to have 4.0 android version and up, so we are speaking here about a very simple game that has nothing special in the requirement list to get it started. It will run with the minimum specifications.

Quick Intro.

Feel free to pick up the language you feel comfortable the most with, there are about 14 different global languages, so we are pretty sure you will find one that is easy on you.

And now let’s put all the unnecessary introductions behind our backs and head directly into the main tutorial, that will help you to show you how things work around and also teach you some basics of the game, do not skip reading the Game of Warriors guide as well.

Welcome Warrior!

It is your duty now to defend your city from invading forces and eventually conquer them and add them to your side of the battle.

Enter your first mission from the bottom right corner of the screen to defend the city, and you can see on the left corner a bar that will be showing the amount of soldiers available to stand up this battle. Each tap will spawn a group of them. you need to know how get the best out of the available troops. And this could be done by following our main battle Game of Warriors tips.




Have plan to execute on the battlefield.

Once the units are being deployed on the battleground, tap on the desired destination to order them to move instantly to this location and wait for further commands. Do not forget to improve and increase your strength with Game of Warriors cheats, this will open up the door for new types of soldiers to enter your line up.

Keep track of the incoming waves from the top side of the screen, there will be several indicators, one is mainly to show you the strength of the wall and how long will stand against the attacks and others to show you how close are you getting from completing the mission and stopping the invasion waves.

Smart UI.

Previously we have been speaking about trackers and the UI as a whole. We cannot ignore the gold counter that will keep on increasing for each enemy unit you slaying down.

Also it would see a huge increment with Game of Warriors hack, but you should have a plan right before activating the service to know exactly how to spend the coins and progress at the same time in the career mode.

Receive experience points for each level you are completing successfully, this will open up the doors for new features to enjoy and even purchase.

Goblins? No thanks.

The goblins will have no chance against your brave soldiers, but there are much harder and stronger enemies will come at the night to destroy your city. That is why you should put your hands on Game of Warriors hack to upgrade the city defenses and prepare for the future attacks.

Upgrading the walls to increase its health points and the archers in the towers whom will be dealing the most damages to the enemies. this is will be your last defending option so it is advised to spend on it.

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