Gardenscapes was created and published by “Playrix” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your way through a storyline full of unexpected twists and turns. This is going to become one of your most played games so far in the next weeks. However, you will need to get Gardenscapes Hack service activated in order to proceed forward smoothly…

Here is a quick list with Key features inside:

  • Addictive gameplay experience
  • Connect your social life with the game with a single tap
  • Tons of different and unique areas to explore
  • Meet new friends inside
  • Gardenscapes Hack is compatible with all of the game versions
  • No internet connection is required

Those were the main key points of the gameplay. Scroll down if you are willing to learn more about gameplay in depth…

Unlimited Lives, Stars, And Coins With Gardenscapes Hack Instantly!

You will be introduced to main button at the first glance of gameplay. You are either receive a gift by connecting your Facebook account to the game or simply hit Play button and ignore the major benefits of getting the Facebook account linked up with the game.

Main Benefits of Linking Facebook Account:

  • Access your game data files from any device at any time
  • Share your greatest achievements and brag about it
  • Friends invitation is much easier now
  • Receive a decent gift to boost you up at starting phases

You will inherited a new mansion and that is when your dream will come true. Your life-time dream is to plant a lot of trees and similar objects outside your garden.

First scene would be you standing right in front of the game, and you are supposed to give a name to your newly created character.

Austin is going to become your butler. As you can see, the mansion is in great shape, on the other hand the garden has been abandoned for a while and needs work. That is when your role will come as you your main goal is to bring it back to life.



How To Play?

Your dream to being back this garden into its old glory days will require a lot of work from you, but since this is a matching game then you should realize the nature of its challenges.

Here are the key points of the gameplay:

  • Match three pieces of the same type by swapping adjacent ones
  • You can still match more than three pieces of the same type at the same time
  • Gardenscapes Hack will always provide you with extra number of moves
  • Always try to complete the given task with lowest number of moves
  • Some missions will come with a time limit, that is another level of challenge
  • Boosters and power ups will become available on the next phase

Now, you should be ready to complete the first mission and proceed forward towards the storyline phases. It is the right moment to start spending your money on the garden upgrades.

Your tablet on bottom left corner should contain all the necessary information about the gameplay.

  • Track out your own To-Do-List
  • Get your information about completing certain missions and how rewards system works
  • Keep yourself updated with the upcoming update and recent changelog
  • Check the incoming messages or sent gifts

Purchasing furniture is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Your goal now is to find the right spot and style for it as it will result in a complete change of the entire garden look. Having a strategy in your head is an ideal way to begin the instructions process with.

How Does The Missioning System Work?

You are off to a great start! These benches are beautiful and extremely comfortable. The view from here is not so great though. Look at all that trash! It is time to sweep up this area.

Each interaction or process being applied in this game will cost you stars. These stars can be obtained from three main sources:

  • Completing missions and achievements
  • Activating Gardenscapes Hack
  • Purchasing from in-app store

These three main methods are the most reliable and efficient ways to earn stars in the game so far.

At the beginning of each mission you will be given the opportunity to activate up to three different boosters. Each booster will come with an upgrade and improvement to your matching challenge.

These boosters will only become available as you reach a certain level and as you get higher in level more boosters and features will become available.

Your goal now is to match more than four items together and see the results yourself. Do you remember the power-ups we have mentioned earlier here? It is the time to experience it!



Get Your Boosters With Gardenscapes Cheats For Free!

Power ups work the same way the boosters work but they cannot be purchased, you can only get those by doing some tricks in regards of the matching process.

Excellent! We got a firecracker power up by matching 4 items together. Swap it with an adjacent piece to set it off…

You can also explode power-ups by simply double- tapping them. However, firecracker is considered to be the lowest and weakest one among all of them.

Match more than four items together to get much stronger power-ups.

A clear strategy in your head will simply make your life here easier

Gardenscapes Hack will grant you a complete access to all of booster’s types and infinite number of stars and coins to purchase the necessary tools to bring back this garden to life in no time.

Next mission is to clean out the entire garden and make it shine like never before. Look how clean the garden is now! But that broken fountain ruins the whole picture, we need to fix it!

Time has come to explain the lives system for you. Here are the main points regarding this system:

  • Lives will be refilled as time passes
  • You can get extra lives by sharing it with friends
  • Send lives to your friends help them enjoy the game
  • Purchase them with Gardenscapes Cheats for free

Now, it is the right moment to read our final conclusion about this game in few lines…

Final Conclusion

A simple addictive game that brings to you all the necessary aspects of a matching game. You are living tons of challenges every moment and the storyline will keep you motivated towards your target at the end of the day.

We are suggesting our players to put their hands on Gardenscapes Cheats service in order to unlock the full set of features inside. It will save you time, effort, and money.

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