GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA was created and published by “FLERO Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

Living in a world being controlled by technology. Virtual reality is the real reality…you have to be prepared for a very touch challenge on taking over the virus, that has hit the system.

A very interesting story packed into RPG with an immersive story. You might want to consider using GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA cheats throughout the different stages to ensure a smooth and silky experience.


Get Started

At the start of our GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA review, we would love to teach you the main basics to get your game started. First thing you have to pick up a name for your character, of course we do not have to mention, that you must have a strong and stable internet connection to get it running.

You are required to pick up login method. Let me show you the main benefits of having your account linked up with a cloud server.

  • You are given a complete access to your social media friends
  • There is no chance of losing your progression data
  • Retrieve your progression data on any device you own
  • Do not forget to activate GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA cheats or GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA hack for optimal experience

You might want to skip the cinematic introduction via “Skip” button located on top right corner. You can read it in depth on next segment.


Year 2068, group of users with illegally uploaded consciousness breached through super gate’s blockade, and raided El Dorado. Following the defeat of the cleaners guarding El Dorado by armed rebels of Golden Mane, Super Gate’s executives deployed their best elite security agent.

It is the right time to take you through a very interesting journey. Rex is a lucky young man who got picked as the El Dorado earl tester. His main skill is called Graviton rapture for its damaging mechanism. It will deal damage to all enemies and deal extra fixed damage as well.

  • Each class can see a huge improvement and upgrade if you managed to use GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA cheats or GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA hack correctly.




In this segment we will talk in depth about the main gameplay points. It is a turn based game, so you should be prepared for an unexpected attacks coming at you when your opponent takes the lead.

Your characters will come with their own special skills. We are recommending you to read your skills description carefully. It should be more than enough to help you understanding how they work and by that, you will be able to get the best out of them.

  • Some battles are compressed into several waves. You have to be patient enough and clear a wave after wave. You might want to enhance your team with GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA hack in no time.

Upgrade Your Characters using GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA Cheats!

Second character we got here is the backdoor. An illegal dummy program created along with paradise 9. His main special skill is called passing station. It deals damage to all enemies, and deals extra fixed damage. Afterwards inflicts stunned.

After the security agents failed to stop the revel, the CEO of super gate decides to take and extreme measure. A bug was found in the system and it was being all the chaos and corruption.

You have a very long journey to cross, that is why using either of GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA cheats or GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA hack should become a must.

Final Conclusion

We have enjoyed the graphics levels, it is completing with top notch games but you will be adding a very interesting storyline. That is a kind of a game you should be looking for at the meantime.

Start your journey from the bottom with GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA cheats or GATE SIX CYBER PERSONA hack.

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