We have used to see every single game that is related to a movie, somehow it ends up to being a horribly bad game. But today, that is not the case at all…the game is perfectly fine and we have enjoyed every moment and every part of the gameplay aspect in there.

The game storyline is running on the exact movie events, it is about the network of weather-controlling satellites, which are going out of control and starting to deal massive damage to the earth. The events pace are very fast, and you may find a solution for this issue with the Geostorm cheats service. Read the remaining parts of the review down below to learn more about the game itself.

Geostorm was created and released by “Sticky Studios” company and they have made it available for free download from any Android or IOS store out there.

Very low specifications are required to get the game running smoothly. As this type of games are not based on the high graphics quality and visuals. But they are based on the actual storyline and the sequence of events taking place during the gameplay time.

Total Climate Breakdown Must Be Prevented!

At this version of Geostorm guide, you should be preparing yourself for a fast changing of events and crazy tasks required from you to be completed.

Rapid climate change threatens earth’s survival. Engineers and politicians unite to execute project Dutch Boy: a planet-wide network of weather controlling satellites. The satellite network Is used to control the planet’s climate. The network is run from aboard the international space station IV. It is deemed mankind’s greatest technical achievement.

24 hours ago project Dutch Boy appears to have been sabotaged. Cities are under attack from the very satellites designed to protect them. data is needed to locate and destroy the rogue satellites now!

Mankind’s Hope Lies in Your Hands.

We are here to make a walkthrough the first mission at the StanCorp Offices, Dubai. Following our Geostorm tips would be a smart thing to do at the current moment. As your main goal is to escape the level and download Schematics of the Dutch boy satellites.

You must get extra hand from the Geostorm cheats service, but let’s go step by step and try to explain the mission’s stages first.




At this section, we will be taking a deeper look over the gameplay itself and the controlling settings as well.

To move around in the desired directions, all you have to do is to swipe into the location and release your hands as the character will follow up the path you have set automatically.

Also you may push the things from one point to another, such as a desk which will help you to climb into a higher level by tapping on the highlighted white arrows on the ground around the object itself.

Movement and Interaction Controls.

Tap on the red box to break the glass and pick up the emergency axe, you will need to use everything around you to survive and escape this collapsed building. Even the Geostorm hack should be taking a place in your escaping plan.

After playing for a certain time, there will be checking points from one point to another. These check points will save your game progress at this point so in case you have died or lose your way, you may restart right from the latest check point.

Keep Track of Your Performance Records.

At the end of each mission, there will be a small window contain all the performance details. Your goal is to keep a track of your performance and always work on improving it.

There are several ways to increase your performance and decrease your failing chances. And as a start, using Geostorm hack is such a very interesting feature that could change the entire experience into a whole new one.

Enjoy a free access to the full game contents, without having to pay a single penny. That is how strong the service is.

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