This game is based on dodging several types of obstacles, but they are not just as regular as the other games are doing….you will be dodging hammers, aces and even lasers. The challenge is on the top and everything is trying to take you down.

Do you think that you are smart enough to find the right methods to dodge these incoming traps? We can help you with this task, as you will be activating the Glitch Dash cheats and receive any number you desire of resources simply free.

Glitch Dash was created and published by “David Marquardt AB” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms

Remember that the game is not asking for special requirements, all you have to get is a simple device that is capable of running the mid-range devices. You can also get an exclusive access to the full set of features in the game by using Glitch Dash hack services. If you were interested to learn more in this regard, then we would recommend you to read the following preview.

Options Menu.

Before we dive any deeper through the gameplay, we would love to take a quick tour through the options menu and find the right customization that will boost up your experience in the game so far.

First, you can restore any purchase you have applied, but later on here, we will do our best to offer you an alternative ways from using your credit card to obtain resources.

Reading our Glitch Dash guide will cover up the main points and will leave you ready to progress forward on your own.

Decrease The Quality For Better Experience.

The game is coming in several playable languages, but the English will remain the default language for it. Changing the graphics quality to match it up with your device specifications, if you are using a low-end device, then the lowest qualities will become the best option.

Reducing the max FPS and general quality will result in an increased battery lifetime. In addition, the experience will be smoother and faster in general, we will try to mention extra Glitch Dash tips on the upcoming parts.



Main Focus Points.

After few minutes of the playing time, we have enjoyed the game so much and decided to keep ourselves tracked up with the changes happening in there. That is when we have decided to turn on the notifications feature.

Moving now to the gameplay experience. The starting is a small tutorial that will introduce you to the different controls.

There are no visible on screen buttons, everything will happen through a touch on the air. Swipe on the various direction to change your vision and target.

How to Play?

The screen will represent you from a point of view and it will keep moving forward without any option to stop the progression.

Swipe from right to left at the right moment to escape being dropped into the void. These are not the only directions, you will have to jump over obstacles and go through a higher level, maybe even roll on the floor to go lower ground.

Once you die, you will notice a counter for the lives that you have left. You can purchase extra lives by getting Glitch Dash cheats.

How To Get Unlimited Lives?

The game will simply limit your playing times, which means you are not having a complete control over the period that you can play the game in…that is why we have decided to find a perfect method that would keep you playing your lovely game without limits.

There are very few methods to earn extra lives in the game, one of them will require you to watch some advertisements. The other method is to visit the store and purchase this feature.

With the Glitch Dash hack, you will be enjoying the game with all of its features without having to watch Ads or pay a single penny.

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