Start playing with your hero and make it get stronger as the time passes, and all of these training would just come at the end to provide your hero with the strength he needs in order to stand against the evil powers and send them back to where they belong, start using the God of Attack cheats for free to have more than enough gems in the gameplay series.

The game was created by “DAERI SOFT” company and it is available to be downloaded on IOS or Android Platforms.

Game MISC.

Save your game data in options to be safe. And remember to quit the game and then replace the battery that is only in case you were running low of battery, you can find more God of Attack tips located in this article waiting for you to pick up. And also each time you will be touching the area above, it will attack quickly and once you enter the shop and star purchasing any quest you desire, it will start to proceed and progress automatically without you being doing any interaction with it.

And now let’s move to the most entertaining parts which is the combat, touch the lock icon to display the touch pad, this touch pad allows you to execute the attacks you want by tapping on wide big block.


Game Story.

While you are offline at the game, your hero will keep playing and advancing in the level but of course the leveling rate will be much slower and lower than when you are playing with your own hands at the game, you can use the God of Attack cheats for extra coins supply in order to increase your hero powers and abilities which means your offline leveling will get boosted up and become much better version of it.

But for now just make sure you are reaching the stage 20 since you can be finding the desired enemy you are looking for and that is a boss and by killing the boss of each stage you will be receiving awesome rewards as well.

Use God of Attack Hack to Purchase the Latest Features of the Game.

Enter the equipment menu and you will see many swords and weapons to choose from, each one of them will be unlocked at a certain level you should reach before using it, but also you will never be able to afford it with the normal gaming, that is why you should start using the God of Attack hack to be able to afford purchasing the new unlocked items and features of the game so far.

One of them amazing and important feature are the weapons, the weapons will allow you to deal much higher damage than you expect that is automatically leading to fast killing of the targets and higher experience points.

Choose The Region That Suits Your Skills the Most.

You can choose in between many different regions available depending on your current mode and playing style, experience points and completion reward will increase as well according to the region you are entering with your hero, the first one we got here is the peaceful region, second one is Turbulent region, third is Hellish Region and this is considered to be the hardest region available among the three.

Summon Ally to Fight with You.

You do not have to enter the battles on your own and trying to fight your way through to the end by yourself, start using the ally list and summon allies to fight with you in the battles, they will also get leveled up and they got stamina, so make sure you are not overdoing it and exhausting them out.

And that is why you need to be reading our God of Attack guide to know exactly which monsters are the most fit for your usage in the game and which ones to avoid using them in long run.


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