Welcome to one of the most fascinating online multiplayer arena battles. It is coming packed up with one of the greatest real time combat system you will ever see. Enjoy the variety of units available and upgrade your current set up to match up with the challenge difficulty level. Do not skip Godzill.io cheats at any cost, it will become your main survival tool in there.

Godzill.io was created and published by “Jelly Button Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS platform out there.


Let’s skip all the unnecessary introductions and head right into the basic training drills. And nothing is better to begin with than the controlling system and how to interact with the different things around you.

The movement is just ordinary, there is nothing special about. Use the joystick located on the bottom left corner of the screen to move in different directions. But moving is not the end of the game, there will be many obstacles and battles that you have to enter in order to progress forward. Reading our Godzill.io guide could be considered as one of the most reliable sources of powers that is actually going to cost you nothing at all.

Eliminate any threat by firing at it using your weapon and fire button on the bottom right corner, and when it comes to aiming. You can use the movement pad for the aiming purpose. At your training session, there will be a training monster that you have to destroy in order to pass the first tutorial phase, the point is, you should not consider this a serious monster as it will never attack you back. Feel free to test out new techniques and skills on him. And Congratulations! You successfully killed the training monster and completed the first tutorial phase. Moving now into much more advanced gameplay.

Skip The Waiting Periods Using Gems.

After each mission or battle you completing, there will be a reward waiting for you. If it was coming in a form of chest, you must realize that chests will take time until they get unlocked. So be patient and wait for it until its unlocked otherwise, there are several ways to skip this waiting time. Keep reading this review to learn more about the secret Godzill.io tips.



Receive Great Rewards After Each Winning Battle.

You should not be expecting way too much out from these average chests, as they are split into several types and the most ordinary chests are weak. They would give you frag grenades, rocket barrage, and maybe even some coins. And if your main goal is to actually collect as many coins as you can. Then consider using Godzill.io cheats service, this is a very fascinating idea as you do not have to worry anymore about the cost of anything inside the shops.

Upgrading Your Weapons to Progress Faster.

Remember to upgrade the items that you have received to increase its attributes. We are speaking here about the damage output, speed, and decreasing the cool down period. Of these attributes could be improved by upgrading the items.

Reaching the maximum update state is always a smart thing to follow. And do not forget to increase your friends list as the idea of having friends is to increase the heat of the challenge between you and them. Either it is going to happen in the face to face battles or the race to become on the top of the leaderboard. We are pretty sure that you will manage to secure the first position with help of Godzill.io hack.

Unlock New Special Abilities.

Pick up your character from the character selection menu, and by advancing in level. You should realize that there will be new skills getting unlocked. Such as having the ability to blink from one place to another instantly.

Of course the Godzill.io hack will help you advancing in level much faster than the regular state. So keep completing mission after mission to get the full features of the game unlocked.



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