Godzilla Defense Force was created and published by “NEXON Company”, and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS platforms.

Monsters from across Godzilla’s lore are attacking major cities. You will be taking the lead to protect the city. It will be a tough mission and you must use the Godzilla Defense Force cheats in order to have enough funds for upgrading and improving the city defenses.

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Obtaining Godzilla cards will always boost up your performance, and that is a very important thing.

Get Started

Protect your data, link your google play games account to protect your data. This will enable you to restore your data by logging into the linked account, even if the game is deleted.

  • Warning! Deleting the game without linking to google play games will erase all your progress.

A swarm of monsters are approaching Tokyo. Defense liens 2 and 3 have been breached! We are in big trouble if this keeps! That is when the actual gameplay events will take place.

Reading our Godzilla Defense Force review will enable you to understand the main basics of the gameplay. Understanding the most interesting features of the game is something will require a lot of your attention.

Defense lines 2 and 3 have been breached! We are in big trouble if this keeps up! The brainwashed monsters were sent to Xilien technology to every major city and first to be destroyed is Tokyo. Protect Tokyo with all what you got, the Godzilla Defense Force Hack will be there to have your back!

  • You are the only commander skilled enough for this mission. There is no time to argue! Head to Tokyo immediately!

The commander center is finished, now you can give your orders to attack. To maneuver troops, simply tap an empty space on the screen. This is the first step you have to learn about in the gameplay.



How To Get Coins?

Coins are playing a vital role inside, you have to learn exactly how coins are being earned and the fastest ways to generate them.

We will create a shortlist for you to help you understanding the fastest methods to earn coins.

  • Coins are acquired from combat
  • Can be received as a special reward
  • Using in app store to purchase coins with real money
  • Using the Godzilla Defense Force Hack

Learning the basics of the gameplay will help you to proceed forward much faster and at a greater pace.

Coins can be used for several parts, it can upgrade your base and additional base constructions. That is a very important factor you have to focus on.

The command center should become your first priority, when it comes to upgrade. It will deal much higher damage as it goes higher in the level. It will provide you with new facilities to be applied onto the base and higher protection levels.

Higher level bases produce stronger soldiers as well, the stronger soldiers will secure the peace you want for your citizens. Remember the importance of Godzilla Defense Force Hack, when it comes to upgrading the base.

Upgrade Your City Using Godzilla Defense Force Cheats!

Adding new facilities to the city will always have a great impact on your progression level. Constructing a GDF base will unlock the Bazooka level 1.

There are three factors of each unit being deployed into the field.

  • Training time for the unit to be produced
  • Damage can deal to the enemies
  • DPS: damage per second

Producing new units will come at a cost, and as the power of the unit goes higher, the cost will increase as well. That is when you will be in need to Godzilla Defense Force cheats to cover it up.

The enemies will keep on attacking you following the waves system. A wave after wave and the attacks will never stop. Keep on producing the units to protect the city from the continuous attacks and use the rewards on upgrading your own faculties.

They have added missions to the gameplay, it will keep you motivated and follow a certain path for the greatness. Here is a shortlist for the starting three missions:

  • Defeat 30 monsters
  • Upgrade the base 3 times
  • Defeat 1 boss “Kajius”

We cannot deny the importance of Godzilla Defense Force cheats to accomplish these tasks and receive decent rewards in return.



Obtain Godzilla Cards For Further Improvement

As you progress forward, a large hostile will be detected at 2 o’clock! Ocean defense lines 2 and 3 have been breached! The city is under attack by a giant monster! Activate the emergency defense system.

A huge boss will appear from time to time, and it will start dealing a massive damage. You have to react differently and have a plan in your mind.

  • Coins & Gems can always be obtained via Godzilla Defense Force Hack. It is only a one click away from you…

A new info will be added to codex. The cards can be managed and used for your own purpose. You can equip. It would be a good idea to try equipping the Ebirah card you just got. Select a card and tap the Equip button.

Now, you can get back on the battlefield and put it to a good use! When you tap the card button, your equipped cards will appear. Just drag a card to the center of the screen to activate it. Pretty easy, right?

Remember that using a card consumes G-Cells, which are shown with the purple gauge at the bottom of your screen. Recharging the G-Cells with Godzilla Defense Force cheats could be a good idea for the future.

Interesting Questing System

Each mission you will be completing, will be replaced with another mission immediately. It will keep you motivated in a continuous pace.

  • Reaching higher stages, should never distract you from upgrading the base. Press that G button on the bottom left corner.

Use the cards from the bottom side of the screen will boost you up and grant you an advantage over your opponents. The Godzilla Defense Force Hack will always be there to back you up at your darkest times in the combats.

  • We are being attacked by the insidious cyborg, Gigan. Commander, look out for tis lethal eye and belly buzz saw.

When the boss is about to die, there will be a very solid chance to get as much coins as possible. Start swiping in different directions over the dead monster as fast as possible, as this chance will not always be there.

The coins are obtained through Godzilla Defense Force cheats will help in the various ways in the city. The monsters will keep on going down one after one.

  • These monsters seem much more powerful than the ones we have fought before. You have got some tough battles ahead.

If you are stuck on a battle, just take a break and come back when your free cards are ready. Using monsters to fight other monsters that would be the best method to progress through the life.


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