Golf Battle was created and published by the famous “Miniclip” company and it is available to be downloaded on both stores, the IOS and Android. The graphics quality is very decent and still will be running on almost all the devices.

Prepare yourself to challenge players from all over the world right at the palm of your hand with one tap! The opportunity to challenge your friends and show them who the best is has finally came into reality. Get the Golf Battle cheats to ensure that you are securing yourself a top place among the top challengers.

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Gameplay Overview.

The tutorial begins as you will be pulling out the ball and aiming for the hole at the end of the ground. That is only for the beginning and the next step will be trying a new mode which is a rush match.

Rush match is simply based on completing the course as fast as you can and try to get out the biggest number of points possible if you can. In addition, at the end of each challenge there will be a list of the records that you have scored with a comparable with other players.

You can also start chatting with other players and add them to your friends list or maybe even send them another challenge if you were seeking more competition. The Golf Battle hack could give you the upper hand against them, so this could be a reliable option.

Great Rewards Waiting For You.

Do not forget to claim your daily login reward and open the chests that you will be receiving after winning challenges or completing a certain achievement. These chests will usually contain coins and items.

Do not forget to start using the Golf Battle hack to cover up your diamonds spending.

The items are split into several categories. Some of them are rare and others are just standard items that anyone could unlock. However, this is totally depending on the chest level and quality. The higher your chest rarity is, the higher the reward will be.




Tips & Tricks.

Here are few of the major Golf Battle tips you need to keep in your mind whilst playing the game.

  • Keep your eyes on the power meter.
  • Always try to train at lower challenges before entering big completions.
  • Remember to calculate the deflection levels.
  • Win with the lowest number of moves.

After each 24 hours, you will receive a lucky shot to receive an advanced chest that could give you very rare and innovative items. Do not miss the lucky shot unless you are planning to use Golf Battle hack as an alternative.

Login with your Facebook account to receive 100 diamonds and you will be able to challenge your friends and save your progress cloudy.

Keep Track Of Your Records.

After having a good week of playtime, you can check the leaderboard rankings to see where you standing among the top players. Of course, there will be rewards coming in return if you have managed to achieve among the top list.

You can track the top rankings all over the world, country, and league and even among your friends. With the Golf Battle cheats, we are pretty much you are going to become the #1 in no time.

Customize Your Own Club.

They have added several options to customize the club. That is not only a customization related to the looks; it is affecting the attributes of the club.

  • Shot power, which will affect the distance of your shots.
  • Accuracy to be able to hit the targets.
  • Guidelines for better results of the day.

Obtain the latest club available by activating the Golf Battle cheats. We do believe that is going to become your number 1 priority in a very short term.

The game is a perfect pick up for the players, whom are looking for something to kill their time. In addition, it is having a decent career path.

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