Travel with Gordon ramsay around the world to work in different restaurants and create your own chain of restaurants all over the world in every single country until you become the greatest business man in this industry, to build as many as you want you will have to obtain the Gordon Ramsay Dash cheats as it will be providing you with the necessary amount of gold you need and remember that quality always will come over the quantity.

The game was created and developed by the famous gaming company “Glu Games Inc” and it is available for download on the IOS and android devices.


At the starting scene you will get to choose your own avatar, there are 2 different avatars one a boy and the other is a girl but they can be modified later in the game, once you choose the character you playing with prepare yourself to enter the season episode 1  that is called EARN 2 COINS to complete this episode, and there is a timer to let you know when exactly you aver to be ending this episode, remember that in order to achieve the highest results in the game, use the Gordon Ramsay Dash cheats to be having the gold coins needed for upgrading the restaurants or maybe even achieve the goals that are given from you.

Increase Your Income with Simple Steps.

Here in this section you should be finding all the Gordon Ramsay Dash tips related to the journey you are entering so keep reading every single word written down here carefully and keep it in your mind.

To win each episode, reach the restaurant profit stars! This might sound a kind of complicated to you but do not worry later here in our Gordon Ramsay Dash guide you shall be knowing exactly what are doing here.

Enjoy using The Gordon Ramsay Dash Hack to Upgrade Your Kitchen.

Welcome everyone to the restaurant today you will be doing a burger, so get some ground chuck over there from the stock, and now let’s grill it up and once you see the timer that the food is cooked take it off immediately and take it to the customer, once the customer is done and satisfied with the meal he will be leaving a tip behind his bill so tap on it to collect it, use the Gordon Ramsay Dash hack in order to be getting more than enough resources to upgrade your kitchen to serve as many customers as possible.

Be Fast and Satisfy Your Customers.

The customers has a waiting limit, as you need to act quickly and serve them the food as fast as possible because if they are pissed off and been waiting for way too long, they will eventually leave the restaurant and they would never come back to you, the Gordon Ramsay will be helping you out through the different missions to help you out with creating your own restraint and improve the rising star chefs as much as possible, after each mission you are completing you shall be receiving an amount of different resoruces that you can be using it later.

Climb The Ladder of the Leaderboard.

Now as you complete the first episode the time has come to tap on the button for the episode 2, before starting this episode you can see many options to set or modify depending on your own perfected, on the left side of the screen the larboard as you can be seeing your name and score next to it compared with other friends, but this can only work if you connect your Facebook account to the game and started to invite your friends to the game in other words this is a local leaderboard between you and your friends,  and on the right side the expert mode that requires you to complete the season 3 in order to get it unlocked, and in the middle is the prep slots, these are the boosters in this game.


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