Grancrest War Quartet Conflict was created and published by “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment inc.”” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the android and IOS platforms.

Prepare yourself to enter a journey of saving the world from its own division and hate dieses. The problem started between two crowns and they are fighting to prove whom is worthy of the throne.

Retrieve it back and eliminate your entire enemy with the no issue, as long as the Grancrest War Quartet Conflict cheats service is being activated free. It

Quick Intro.

You must agree to the terms of service and you should not worry anymore about the details, as there are nothing suspicious. After that, pick a suitable name. Enter up to 10 characters.

Your player name will be viewable by other players. Do not use your real name or other personal information. In addition, get the Grancrest War Quartet Conflict cheats to have a complete access to the game features.

The lords are locked in a state of perpetual war, feuding over crests. Over time, two powerful factions. Fight for powers.

  • Factory Alliance.
  • Fantasia Union.

Then, amidst the despair a glimmer of hope. Alexis, young nobleman of the doucet family. Marrine, young noblewoman of the Kreische family. Their political marriage heralds an end to the conflict.


Two great houses united under one crest, known as the Grancrest. It will purge the Chaos, and bring about the age of order. However, their union never happened. For what is now known as the great hall tragedy. Shattered their dream of peace. Gifted graduate of the mage academy.

Man on a mission from across the sea, a chance encounter on a war- torn continent. Hereby enter into contract with the crest of knight theor, and swear eternal allegiance unto him. Grancrest War Quartet Conflict hack will help you throughout your journey.



The Journey Begins!

That was the great hall tragedy. The incident in the magic city of Eramu put an end to the marriage that would unite the union and alliance and end the war atlatan. All dreams of peace were smashed, and the flames of war spread across the land once more.

Once the journey begins, you will start to face several obstacles and difficulties. The Grancrest War Quartet Conflict hack should help you out.

What Is Chaos?

You must know certain definitions in the game; they will help you to have a better understanding of the gameplay mechanism. Including the Grancrest War Quartet Conflict cheats service.

  • The Chaos: a mysterious factor that fills the world. When chaos converges, the laws of nature are distorted, manifesting hazards and monsters. These damaging phenomena are called “chaos Hazards”. Mages can converge chaos at will, making the impossible happen. This is what “magic is.

Tap the attack button located on the bottom right corner to attack. Tap three times for a powerful finishing attack as well.

Combat Mode And Some Advanced Grancrest War Quartet Conflict Tips.

You can find the total HP of your character at the middle of the screen n the blue color. Also, keep an eye on the top side of the screen to know exactly the latest updates on the missions.

Every new door will be being unlocked; you can find notifications related to this case on the top side of the screen as well.

To activate your special skills, you need to hold down on the attack button until you can see the skill has flashed, and then release it to see the massive damage eliminating the opponent.

At the end of each mission, there will be a detailed report on the latest actions and the rewards you have received for your performance. The Grancrest War Quartet Conflict hack will work as a much better alternative to these rewards, but of course, it will not add any experience points to your character. Therefore, it is not included in the leveling process.

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