That is the new type of the pixelated games; they call it the High quality Pixel RPG. You will be going through the same old experience you had on the very old games but with advanced features and mechanism.

Game events are taking place on the Raktehelm land, it is the place that has held excessively many battles, but it is well known for the famous conflict between Gods and Demons. The people are desperately looking for the days of peace and you should be handling this part with Grand Summoners cheats.

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Grand Summoners was created and released by “GOOD SMILE COMPANY, Inc.”, and you may start downloading and playing it through any Android or IOS platform.

The storyline of the game might be not unique and you have seen dozens of similar games. However, we can assure that you with the Grand Summoners hack, the overall experience will be unique and much improved.

Quick Starting Intro.

You will be starting the journey at the first scene of the game, but do not worry it is just an introduction to what is coming up next…

Pick up a name for your player and there are some conditions must be met in order to create the account successfully.

  • Must Be 10 Characters or fewer. Player names can be changed later.
  • Some email or platform dependentcharacters may not be displayed.
  • Necessary files will be downloaded after you enter your name.
  • A strongWi-Fi connection is recommended to come over any possible trouble.

That Is Where The Magic Will Begin…

If you have read our Grand Summoners guide carefully, then we can let you choose the skipping of tutorial phase, but it is always strongly recommended to play the tutorial and learn the main basics before you get deeper into the gameplay.

Choose one of the 3 Blade Masters To become your Companioning From now on, but you must be confused from these three options and trying to find the right one. Following our Grand Summoners tips would only lead to find the blade master that fits your style of play. Learn more about this part next.



Learn More About The Three Blade Masters.

We will enlist the three blade masters with a mention of their Pros and Cons, so read it carefully.

  • Flame Blade Clyde: A swordsman of the Isliid Empire who became one of the 3 Blade masters. The strongest attackers of the 3, he takes his enemies head on and overpowers them. That comes over the cost of defense.
  • Ice Sword Corsair: A noble of Bamint. This blade master dedicated her life to training in the way of the sword. Also known as the princess of the Iceblade. She has the power to freeze enemies in their tracks. More into defensive style.
  • Twinblade Arth: This blade master uses multicolored twin blades. Born to a blade master family in Gramenia. He later developed his own Zaiyudo double sword technique. He is an outstanding breaker. Excessively solid master.

Claim Your Weekly Bonus.

As the game begins, there will be a weekly sign in bonus waiting for you ahead. This bonus is cool and more than enough to get you started.

If you were looking for a long run and an advanced progressing story, then you must head towards Grand Summoners cheats and enjoy all of its amazing powers. This is one of the most reliable ways to get coins and crystals.

Summon New Unique Weapons!

Every day, there will be a free summon, but this summon is not about getting a blade master. It is about getting a free daily equipment and it will be restarted after 24 hours from the summoning process.

You may purchase extra summons with crystals, but it is very costly and it is not easy to find crystals around in this game.

The summoned equipment’s are much stronger than the regular ones, so it is worth it to use the Grand Summoners hack and obtain them crystals for extra summons.

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