As you have received the summoning book and that has become your fate. Everything will change and the battle you are living will be changed to some greater cause. You are carrying the burden of keeping the genie sealed and protect the humanity from a great chaos. Get enough resources for this mission from the Granvilier cheats for free.

Granvilier was created and published by “commseed Corporation” and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.


Create a new account if you do not have an already created account. And since we have mentioned the account creation process, then we have to mention that the game is an online one and you have to get your internet connection to service. And now we will head right into the storyline of the game at our Granvilier guide.

This is…much old story. It envisaged the world of destruction and “Genie” stood up to the threat “hero” who. They had been engaged in a fierce battle. The power of Genie is a might, do not come true is to defeat the devil no matter heroes to challenge for a fight with all your Shiryoku.

So the hero has decided to make his own decision and seal the Genie in the abyss forever. And if this strategy is being followed successfully, then the threat of the genie will be demolished but no want wanted to take the risk as the price was never going to be small.

A great fight went between the hero and the genie and it was a brutal battle. But finally, the hero has won the battle and genie was sealed in the abyss. And now you will be protecting the abyss with the Granvilier hack. And this battle They have called it the Genie War!

Summon Heroes to Help You Throughout the Game.

And that is the great secret you will be hearing for the first time, the heroes are available to be summoned at any point into our world. And actually, many rulers whom taken the charge of the kingdom actually used the help from the heroes.

And you must do the same and start learning how to summon heroes. But the power is huge and you have to set your goals straight before doing such a thing. Are you trying to save the world or conquer it?



Quick Note.

The enemies are trying to resummons the genie and release him from the abyss sealing. So you must do your best to stop them and get the help you want from heroes out in this journey, you may also use Granvilier cheats to get everything right into its expected location.

Your First Battle with Details.

The first battle of the game will have proceeded automatically, and you can see your 6 heroes are fighting automatically and eliminating their enemies. Follow our Granvilier tips to dodge the most common mistakes that every beginner tends to fall to.

Each hero will have his own icon at the bottom of the screen, and there will be an indicator to his power in stars and the health points are shown in a green bar. You need to always keep an eye over this bar due to its importance.

Each icon by tapping on it will result in activating a certain special skill. The special skills are what making the heroes unique and different from each other’s. It is your mission to learn these differences to know how to utilize them perfectly on the battlefield.

Understand Your Skills Carefully.

The first skill we have seen so far is called Arrow Rain: It gives the attack and damage of a total of five times against the enemy in the circular of the effect range. Next normal attack that was using the skill will always be critical.

The critical attacks mean that the damage will be doubled instantly. And with the right gears from Granvilier hack, we are expecting you to become unstoppable in no time.

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