This is a unique timing RPG, and we have figured out that such type of games is very addictive and interesting. Knowing exactly when you will be using your skills and getting things done at the right moment is a real challenge. Make things easier once you are stuck with the Guardian Arena cheats for free.

Guardian Arena was created and published by “Muggle Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

Choose A Log in Option to Start with.

The game begins by offering you multiple logion options, the Facebook and Gmail are available for you to choose from. And they will both offer the same benefits, without any exceptions. The main benefit is the ability to keep your game data files uploaded into a separate cloud server, which means your device memory has nothing to do with keeping your progression safe.

You are free to skip out the two login options and enter the game as a guest, right there you will be able to play the game and enjoy most of its main features. Reading our Guardian Arena guide as well would help out when it comes to learning and exploring the game features.


The game events are taking place in Continental Arfiscia. With a long division and wars among the kingdoms, the world was filled with hungry people and bodies of battlefields.

Suddenly wizard appeared and made world in darkness, the kingdom has been disappeared. The world started calling him Satan, there was no longer a warrior against him in the long war among the kingdoms. That seemed to be the end of the world!

One day, 13 of blacksmiths came to the twin fores kingdom castle. The disappeared blacksmith of each kingdom are honorable begins now, known as the 13 craftsmen. They started making the weapon that can knock down the Satan. At the end, they ended up having a powerful weapon. And by following the Guardian Arena tips is totally the right way to move forward.



The Creation of the Craftsmen!

However, there is no warriors who fight with the Satan. So one of the blacksmiths who is the youngest took a weapon. The battle between him and the Satan was continued for a few days and finally he knocked the Satan down.

You may have an advantage against Satan by using the Guardian Arena cheats service and this would allow you to accomplish many stages of the game in no time. And now on the next segment we will be speaking mainly about the remaining parts of the storyline.

Do Whatever It Takes to Take Out Satan.

But the force of the weapon could not be completely killed by the Satan, and 13 of the craftsman split up the Satan’s heart. Then they divided each piece and hid themselves, waiting for the time of the Satan’s disappearance quietly in each world.

Remember that daily dungeons play up to 6 times a day, and reset every day at 11pm. Increase your chances at the dungeons by getting the right version of Guardian Arena hack. On the next segment, we will help you to create your first character and pick up the right weapon for the challenge.

Learn The Differences Between the Available Weapons.

There are four different weapons, and you have to know their main pros and cons. Find them out at the list below:

Ax/Ax: twin axes are a weapon that utilizes a persistent attack and an anger effect that increases attack time. Important to use powerful persistent attacks to anger effects.

Hammer: hammer makes enemy uncontrolled through continuous attack. For victory, it is important to get stacks fast.

Sword: it is a weapon that charge raged and attack stack when using the linked skill. Important to make your enemy uncontrollable by using a proper attacking force.

Mace/Shield: mace shield is a weapon that increases a powerful counterattack and striking power. Important to use the counterattack, that is activated to superimpose the force effect. Your damage output will see new borders once it meets up with Guardian Arena hack.

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