The magician guild game is a complete different experience, everything will look different but it is interesting, as we have enjoyed the full details of it.

You are going to play as a witcher, archer, maybe even a conjurer. That is what is great about the game…the idea of living in a magical world full of interesting events and crazy animations. Secure yourself a location among the strongest players in the game by using the Guild of Heroes cheats. All you have to do is to click on the link down below.

Guild of Heroes was created and released by “Play Today” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through any Android or IOS platform.

Android version 4.0.3 and up is required to get the game started, but that does not mean that the game is packing very low quality engine. It is recommended to use a high-end device to enjoy all of the game features and details. Some of the features will only become available to you after purchasing them, this problem could be solved with the Guild of Heroes hack abilities and we are recommending you to try it out.

General Instructions.

The beginning phase of the game might consume few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. The game has been facing some issues recently so they have been releasing a lot of patches recently to improve the quality of the game and make things become much more stable.

You will be moving next to the character creation phase, and we are planning to teach you more about the game in this Guild of Heroes guide so far.

Two genders are available to select from, the female and male genders. That is everything; you are not selecting anything else beside the gender at the character creation phase. You will proceed directly into the battleground to see the battle from your own prospective.

You can skip all the unnecessary tutorials by pressing on the skip button on the top left corner. We have to mention how the UI is looking like from inside but that would be on the next segment.

Right now, you have to take the advantage of Guild of Heroes cheats to secure yourself a sufficient enough amount of funds to cover up your spending in the game from the first moment.



Find The Gremlin’s Leader!

This is going to become your first mission ever in the game, finding the gremlins leader must be done secretly as he might escape by knowing that you are coming on the way.

Move around the map by tapping on the ground and it is always would be a good idea to follow the highlighted yellow arrows on the ground to reach your main destination.

By reaching some higher stages of the game, there will be the option “AUTO PLAY” enabled. In addition, you have to get it activated as soon as possible as it will change the entre experience of the game and make it look a much-improved one.

Following the set of Guild of Heroes tips would only make the game a better experience. Do not hesitate to track them down and see the results by yourself!

At the starting scenes, you are not going to have any control over your own character. You have to progress forward to unlock edit the character feature and start playing around with the skills and gears you are using.

Optimal Settings.

There are much bigger benefits from using the social networks feature at the game, and we are going to list them out for you to make up your mind and decide whether to use it or not.

  • You will receive 15 diamonds for using the Facebook as a login option.
  • Keep all your files related to the progression safe from any harm.
  • Inviting your friends to the game install with a single click.
  • Making friends outside the game by joining the social community.
  • Sharing your latest achievements in the game through your social media and brag about it.

All of the features we have mentioned above will help you to have a better experience, and we can add the Guild of Heroes cheats to this list as well since you do not have to worry about the diamonds anymore.

If you have ever encountered an error in the game, do not hesitate to report the error to the development team to handle it right away. In addition, if you cannot find the language that makes you comfortable during the playing periods, then sending a feedback to the team would add it in the future patches.

Let us remind you once more with the Guild of Heroes hack ability of giving you unlimited amounts of diamonds via an instant click on the link.



Very Smart UI.

One of the features we have loved at the game is the simple and smart UI. The colors are right on the point of course and we have enjoyed looking at the different visuals and details in the depth of textures.

The game was running smoothly without any stuttering on a mid-range device that has been alive for few years as well. On the bottom side of the screen, you can see the attacking skills as you are obtaining five different slots to customize and pick up the strongest skills later on. With the Guild of Heroescheats, you will manage to see them in no time.

On the left side you can see a red crystal that is indicating the amount of health points you have left on the battlefield. Keep an eye over the percentage of the health points to know your ability to survive during the combat.

Choose either to fight until the last breath or simply give up and run away to get some backup. With the Guild of Heroeshack, you will be able to get some advanced gears that will give you a boost ahead your combat scenes.

Always Aim For the Rarest items.

The item’s color will represent its quality in general. There are several types of items and you should always aim for the strongest and rarest items to use for your character, as this is the fastest rout to become strong and unstoppable.

Entering the achievements section will allow you to collect diamonds for every achievement you have completed. Of course, the reward cannot be compared with what you will be getting via Guild of Heroes hack, but it is still a decent thing to have.

The achievements section and quests are adding a meaning to the game, which means they are going to help you to move forward and achieve something that everyone would like to have.

Follow up the quests and read them frequently to remember the targets and goals. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the current quests then wait for the next day as it will be updated and changed entirely

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