Let’s blast the bubbles and collect all the sweet fruits, candies, muffins, ice-creams and pastries from them, welcome to the newest game by madover games gummy pop, from the maker of bubble shoot magic, baby witch and bubble blossom here comes to a new sweet and tasty game, help the little birds that are trapped in the bubbles, the game is available on both android and IOS devices, the game is about aim and shoot the similar bubble colors and do this until you finish all the bubbles or make all little birds free, easy isn’t it? So let’s talk about gummy pop tips and benefits of gummy pop hack.

Lovely Design.

The design of the game is very good and sweet as you will like the designs of the bubbles and what inside them, with the cute effects of bubbles and birds flying from them, you will enjoy the game very much and like to continue play it, the game mission is defeating evil mad doc. Who trapped the little birds inside these bubbles, so you have to fight your way to free those innocent birdies and make them free again.



Lot of Levels.

The game consists of lot of levels for lot of fun in every level, and as you advance you will find difficulty in finishing the game, so you have to focus on where you will throw the ball to get the best outcome, as you finish levels you will receive stars as a reward, and every amount of stars will unlock a new thing in the game, and that’s from the new lands and levels, to new boosts and power ups,  but if you want to get all of this quickly, you can use gummy pop cheats which will get all the stars and power ups for free and it will make you never lose lives and give you all the amount of coins you want which will make you buy boosts through the game if you run out of them.


Through your game play you will need boosts to aid you through your game play, and that’s what in the game, as you will choose between three power ups which are, bombs, and they explode the bubbles around them, the second one is the rainbow ball and it’s a ball where it’s color will change with the color of the ball it touches, the third one is the lightening ball, and it hits all the balls with the same color of the ball it touches, and as this lightening ball is very helpful you won’t get it easily, so you can just use gummy pop cheats and get all of these with the amount you like as it will unlock all the boosts and give you the maximum amount of coins to make you get all what you want through the game, but be careful as there is just four hearts to play with, and every level you lose you will lose a heart so focus through the game play as the number of bubbles you have is limited and also the number of tries, or you can use gummy pop hack and save your hearts and make the always with you.

Hack More, Save More.

As you can fail saving the birds from the bubbles because of limited amount of bubbles you have or lack of boosts, you can use gummy pop hack and it will give you all the boosts for free and without any cost, also it will make your life unlimited and allows you to get the boosts and power ups before they are unlocked in the game, and get all the packages and items for free without any external purchases, and it’s free and safe and won’t affect your device performance.

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