Ten years after zero day, general Kurtz the man who broke the world, has been found, Kurtz created his own army of Lawgivers, now Kurtz is supreme warlord of the city, the united armed forces are the last vestige of the old order, the UAF sent in an elite team to bring Kurtz to justice, however, the mission did not go according to plan. Start Using Gun Rise Cheats for Free in order to be able to take out any threat incoming at you.

This game was created by “Hothead Games Inc” and it is available to be downloaded on IOS and Android Devices.



Exert All The Energy You Have To Bring Kurtz To Justice And To Save The World!

So now it’s obvious that your ultimate goal is to defend the city and save it from the Kurtz army and bring him back to justice, and finally make sure to read all of our Gun Rise guide to understand how to play the game

Learn How to Control Your Hero by Following the Tutorial Instructions!

Erghh… Command, my squad got hit! Hostiles incoming! Now the first tutorial has begun and will show you how to old your phone, the right half of the screen will be for dodging your enemies attacks, and the left half of the screen will be for aiming and targeting your opponents, drag your left thumb to aim at the enemy, use your right thumb to shoot the enemy, so now your first missions to is eliminate the enemies around, now you are going to call your squad and will ask them if anyone hears you, and finally make sure to read our Gun Rise tips to know how to control your soldier.

Begin Your Journey of Saving Lawson and The Other Squad Members!

After calling your squad, your soldier will reply you and say Jackson, is that you? I’m taking fire a few blocks north of the crash! And you are going to reply with Lawson! Maintain position, I’m on my way now! And also you need to keep pushing forward to find the rest of your squad! And at the beginning of your second mission you will facing something stronger that the previous enemies and it’s a heavy gunner a frontline heavy infantry and it has heavy armor that reduces incoming damage and has also a machine gun that easily destroy cover.

Wait for Lawson call!

You are going to get a call from Lawson to tell you to be careful because Kurtz have deployed some heavy troops! And now it’s time for the second lesson and it is that you have a special skill so tap the skill button to activate it and finally make sure to get the extra help from the Gun Rise cheats to get provided with all the gold you need to progress in the game and to bring Kurtz back to justice.

Visit The Shop and Meet Your Hero Butter That Will Help Your Through the Missions!

Now you are going to need some backup, time to call in reinforcements! You can easily unlock more heroes by opening crates, now tap on the shop button to be able to open the different crates that are available in the game, there are two types of crates the hero crate that guarantees you 5 star hero and it’s going to be very strong hero, and the other crate is called silver crate and it’s going to be free at your first time, as your first time the UAF will provide you with enough gold to open the hero crate and after opening it you will be getting Butter he is a frontline shielded that has 200 power.

Put Your Hands On The Gun Rise Hack To Unlock New Weapons!

Here is the best part of the game, you can always call your real friends or random players from all over the world, to join together and create the best alliance in the game, so you can all do the same missions and help each other progress faster in the game, so always make sure to also get the help from the Gun Rise hack to get all the weapons you can to eliminate opponents easier.


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