An Arcade and shooting game that gets you into a journey to the wastelands, as the place is no longer the game after the great war that took place there against the evil aliens whom tried to invade the planet before.

Now the time has come for you to do your best in order to restore the peace back as the humans are fleeing to the undergrounds and try to dodge the aliens as possible but it is not working completely. Make sure you are getting the Guns of Mercy cheats to have the right amount of gems needed to upgrade your capacities and character for free.

The game was created and published by “Storybird” and you can be downloading it on the Android and IOS devices.

Simple Game Controls.

Game controls were designed to suit every kind of players out there, and it can be used by almost everyone so you will never be facing any common issue in the different stages of the game, but at our Guns of Mercy guide we will be giving you the right information you need to get the best out of the controls in the game.

Aiming at the targets can simply be done by using the cursor that is located at the bottom right of the screen, move it to the right side to aim your direction to the right and the same applies to the opposite side.

And now we will move to the moving and how to control the exact direction you want, start using the two arrows located at the left bottom corner of the screen so you would be moving to right or left direction.

Combat Scenes Like Never Before.

And now as we have already covered the game controls, we shall be moving the combats and how the game winning and completing the missions are achieved. At the bottom side of the screen you can be seeing the fuel percentage as the more enemies you are killing it will keep increasing and getting higher at well, but once it reaches the 100% mark you will be able to call your Meka right away!

You will be getting more Guns of Mercy tips at this article over here.

Collect Power-Ups from The Dead Monsters.

The monsters will keep coming right at your face from the sky and they will be dropping bombs at your trying to take you down, but also every monster you killing shall be dropping you some decent power ups that you can be using for improving your firearm power and increase the damage output, there are many other power ups at the game which can be explained later on here.

Get the Guns of Mercy Hack to Have the Needed Resources for The Upgrades!

If your goal is finish the missions as fast as possible and proceed to the next ones, then you will be needing to have enough amount of resources to purchase and apply upgrades to your character, and that can be only achieved via hard word and the usage of Guns of Mercy hack which comes for free without any extra charges applied.

The game graphics are actually low so it would allow anyone to play the game without having to worry about the game hardware as it could be also increasing the game community.

Get into The Elevator to Refresh Yourself Up and upgrade The Character.

Back again in the elevator. It is used as a checkpoint between two floors if you want to take a break. Warning! If you quit the game out of the elevator you will have to start all over again at the first floor and lose all your progression in the game, also you can be using the Guns of Mercy cheats to be able to purchase and upgrade the character, and once you think that you are ready to fight again and feeling refreshed get out of the elevator and more monsters waiting for you.


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