There is not much to mention about the introduction of the game, but you should realize that your main goal in the game is to lay as many eggs as possible. There will be given 1 minute time frame and you must work hard in order to beat it up and secure yourself a location on the top of the ranking table.

Climbing the ranking ladder must be a difficult task especially when you are racing the clock, so the Happy Mrs Chicken cheats will provide to you some easy access to all of the game components and a simple success story to be told.

Happy Mrs Chicken was created and published by “Sergio Baumgarten” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

The game is now available for everyone to access due to its low graphics quality and the requirements could be met up with any device out there. This might seem to be a very simple and fragile game, but wait until you start using the Happy Mrs Chicken hack, things will start to look even crisper.

Quick Intro.

A terrible game when it comes to the sound effects and the language supporting system, we did not enjoy the playing time on it and everything was a bad experience.

We are creating this Happy Mrs Chicken guide to help the new players to have fully knowledge of the gameplay contents and still help you to decide whether to download the game or simply abandon it behind.

Climb The Leading Table.

If you have decided to fully download the game and to live the challenge, then you must realize that our set of Happy Mrs Chicken tips will be always available for you to be followed and advancing you up in the instructions list.

Consider this idea and always focus on the right target that has the most sufficing way to score a high score into the table. There will be tons of players fighting over climbing the ladder and leaving their name on the top with the best plyers.



Remove The Ads!

The Happy Mrs Chicken cheats will help you with making the entire gaming experience much better, and part of the improvements that will be applied to the game is the removal of the ads.

You will not be bothered with the ads anymore as long as you are using the service. In addition, you will be able to enjoy other features but we are planning to delay this part to later on here.

Scroll down if you are interested in learning more about the game and your main plan is to become the greatest player.

Main Menu Explanation.

One of the weirdest features of the game is the hold state; this state will be activated as soon as you leave the game and the device without touching. It will take you directly to the main menu as you can choose to either log out or start a challenge.

The language of the game is not English and we did not understand most of the words in there, but we can let you know that the option on the left was meant for starting a challenge and the one on the right is the exit button.

Gameplay and Advanced instructions.

Tap on the chicken as it will start laying eggs around the map and that is your target, you are given only 1 minute to lay as many eggs as possible.

We have not enjoyed the gameplay because the game is not smooth as expected and we could not feel with complete freedom of making it ready.

Therefore, in our efforts to improve the gameplay, we have decided that Happy Mrs Chicken hack should become a must thing to do in the list and start enjoying it, as the game is getting tougher. Use it on your own responsibility.

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