Harvest Land was created and published by “MysteryTag” company and it is available to be downloaded on android and IOS platforms.

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Create your own new village, right from the scratch. You will be given the tools and resources to build the houses, and discover new places and species. The journey itself is pretty much fun, but you might need to get some extra help from Harvest Land cheats.

Learn the art of managing and handling the tough situations in the village. Trading and sharing your goods with friends will boost up the fun levels as well.

Learn more about the game down below…

Technical Intro

The game begins with a small request of accepting the policy and terms, we can assure you that everything is fair and on its place.

Choose one of the three available login options at the beginning; each one will reward you with 100 diamonds as a gift. In addition, it will allow you to enjoy the cloud saving servers to keep the game progression saved.

Sharing the status with your friends and having them by your side could only be achieved by using the Facebook login option. Of course, there is an option to skip these login features.

Welcome To Your Village!

Every year, new brave captains leave their islands to search for new home. The sea journey is difficult and full of dangers, but your luck had finally had turned in the end. The new land lies ahead, unclaimed and full of riches.

Meet your assistant and follow our Harvest Land tips to make sure that you are getting the best out of these riches.

Start with harvesting some wheat to realize exactly how the harvesting system is working so far in the game. Tap on the wheat, then drag and drop the harvesting icon and it will be harvested automatically.

Do not forget to gather the crops after harvesting it. In addition, the Harvest Land hack is something you should not forget about.



Always Seek the Expansion

You need to expand the village facilities, so copping trees and using the woods the space, would be a great idea to fix the situation.

Expanding the village should become one of your highest priorities; it will give you a great advantage and help you enjoy the game to its maximum potential.

Cutting the trees will be done by tapping on the trees, dragging, and dropping the chop function. That general gameplay system is implanted into the game.

Harvest Land cheats will provide you with enough woods to construct new facilities, but there are more features and goods you can find out later here.

How to Attract More Villagers?

Completing tasks and gathering resources will come back on you as they are considered experience points. Advancing up in the level will unlock new features of the game for you. So use the Harvest Land cheats to help you with progressing so fast in the levels to get the full game features at your hand.

Main Three Steps

  • Have a stable economic system
  • Build worker’s house
  • Always find a job for them to do

Have patience when you are constructing a building, or force the project to be completed instantly with the Harvest Land hack.

Defend Your City!

Defending the city against the possible dangers is necessary. You need warriors to protect your village, so les build a house to train the warriors and help them to stay fit.

Make sure that you are placing the warrior’s house at the edges of the city and close to the possible dangers.

In addition, since the warriors need weapons, then creating them weapons will be a good idea. The Harvest Land hack will provide you with the necessary materials to construct the finest weapons out there in this world in no time and without any extra fees.

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