Hay Day was created and published by “Supercell” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

This is the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets in the world. It has everything you need in order to live the real experience and make you live the challenge. In addition to Hay Day hack you save your money and unlock all of the in-game features.

Here is a quick list of game features:

  • Create your own farm from scratch
  • Fish the waters
  • Create your town for visitors
  • Free resources with Hay Day Hack

Scroll down to learn more about the gameplay in depth…

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Mr. Wicker will help you to get started at your new farm, we will do the same in a little bit advanced way. We have created this Hay Day review to help you learn more in regards of gameplay and optimal ways to expand your farm.

  • Tap a wheat field and pick up the sickle.
  • Harvest by dragging it across the wheat.
  • Enjoy your harvested wheat.

As you are done with harvesting your crops, the next phase would be seeding the field. Drag and drop the seeds of the certain plant on the different spots to make it equal.

Seeds need time to grow. When harvester, each field produces two crops. However, you can always increase the production speed by activating Hay Day Cheats.

  • One of the main game features we have enjoyed is painting your town buildings. Tap your house and paint it by dragging the brush across it.

Now, you should consider inviting some feathered friends to the party. Do this by removing the cover. Second step is purchasing chickens, dragging and dropping them into the spot.

On the next segment we will talk more about the animals and how they

Get Started

Purchasing animals and adding them to your town is not the end of the story, you have to feed them continuously to keep them in a good health. Feeding process is very simple, tap a chicken ad drag the food bag over the chickens to feed them.

Now, you have fed your chickens, it would be the right moment to wait for them to produce eggs. Speeding up this process will consume diamonds. You can get diamonds by visiting in-app store or activate Hay Day Cheatshttps://www.spieleimbrowser.com/hay-day/

Note: never leave your animals productions left for long time without collecting it up.

It is very important to focus on advancing up in levels and complete missions. It will unlock new features and buildings for each level you are gaining. The fun never ends…

  • Your first visitor will come with a message, tap on him to read it. Here is the message context “Howdy! I am mike and I run the old mill near the town. What is the name of this lovely farm of yours?”

This is the moment when you will be asked to choose a name for your farm. Make it simple to be easily recognized among top players.



How about turning all this wheat into bread?

Open the shop menu by tapping the button in the bottom left corner. Buy a bakery by dragging it onto your land. Wait for the constructions to finish or speed it up with diamonds. Once it is finished, you can tap over the cover to unveil it.

  • Tap the bakery and drag the bread to the oven. Finish baking instantly by tapping the speed up button underneath the bread, or you can wait 5 minutes and it will be completed.

This game is relying mainly on diamonds in order to progress faster. That is why we have created Hay Day Hack service for our readers to enjoy any number you desire of diamonds with a single click…

  • Moving next to the storage system, you must consider upgrading your storage to be able to store all your resources safely.

Mail box can be found on the top left corner to keep yourself updated with the latest news. It will cover up all the important information about game events or mega sales.

On the next segment we will cover main points in the settings menu in depth…

Animal’s Health IS The Backbone of Your Town

Happy animals make a happy farm. Make sure your animals never go hungry by building a feed mill. Buy a food mill by dragging it from the shop onto your land.

When you level up, you unlock new improvements. Right now there are three new patches of field waiting for you in the shop. If you do not have enough money to purchase it, then Hay Day Hack will be there to back you up on this task.

This game is based on a continuous progression and you must focus on purchasing new updates and upgrades to your town.

Example: expand your fields to plant more seeds and get extra crops to harvest

Moving now to the settings menu to help you with finding an optimal customization for your device.

  • You cannot decrease or increase Graphics and Visuals
  • Do not forget to join tons of big communities and make new friends
  • Enable or Disable Music and sounds
  • Activate Hay Day Hack
  • Choose a comfortable language from 8 global languages available

To save your farm and play on multiple devices, please sign in to google play, supercell Id or Facebook. It will grant you a complete access to your game data.

Spread The Happiness With Hay Day Cheats!

Visitors will keep on coming to your town and you must be smart enough to listen to their thoughts in order to improve the town.

You are given the complete authority to sell your goods to visitors and it is a smart way to create an income for your town. However, your visitors are not your biggest problem now as the delivery truck will arrive from time to time and it has a flood of orders.

  • The order board shows which orders are available. Earn money and experience by delivering them. Tap the truck or the order board to make your very first delivery.

Deliver truck will carry the goods and deliver it to its destined location, which is the kindergarten. Those townsfolk just cannot get enough of our farm-fresh produce! Let’s complete another order to expand the farm and see your work flourish.

Keep completing orders and provide your townsfolks with goods to increase your popularity and in-game level as well. Create strong communications with your friends as you can exchange gifts and tools.

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