The long awaited Japanese RPG has finally arrived in its English version. Now you can go through the various challenges and the interesting journey that is full of great and unique features to enjoy.

You can also enjoy the Co-Op missions, they have added this feature lately to the game and that is another reason to use the Helix Horizon cheats. It will give you a huge advantage over your mates and will help you with dominating the scene.

Helix Horizon was created and published by “DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

The graphics quality is on the average level, which will allow more players to participate, claim their part of the good experience, and start enjoying themselves with the great storyline. Things will get much better as you will be using the Helix Horizon hack to unlock full features of the game.

Several Login Options to Choose From.

Start the game by choosing from the Facebook, Gmail and the guest login mode. These three options are available for you at the very beginning.

The first two login options will offer you the same features and qualities but the naming and the circle of people you know is different.

On the other hand, the guest mode will try to keep you disguised as much as possible from any other player and will keep your entire personal data safe secured. Learn more about these features by reading the Helix Horizon guide.

Select The Server That Fits Your Needs The most.

Move next to the server selection and the account selection phase. The account selection could be helpful only if you are having multiple accounts, but the server will become so handy as you should start searching for the servers that are close as much as possible to your living region.

Following our Helix Horizon tips would only increase your chances of improving the game quality and make things much better. Moving next to the storyline and the creation of the entire situation you are going to experience.



History Of Verselle!

The senate’s is made up of the great lords, who follow the saintess’ orders and read them t meetings. That was a quick introduction to one of the main characters of the game.

The testing battle will begin right away to show you exactly what you are supposed to do in order to win this battle. Keep attacking your enemies and show them no mercy.

You will be given the control over four main heroes, each one of them is coming with a unique attacking skill. You might unlock new heroes if you want by using Helix Horizon cheats, but we do not recommend you to use this option.

Smart UI.

The game developers have managed to create a very neat UI to help the players to have a better knowledge about the game.

The orange bar stands for the character’s action gauge. Once the bar is filled up, the skill can be used. Tap characters’ avatars to release their skills.

Completing the mission will simply award you with experience points to advance up in the levels and coins.

Can of young birds, canned food that helps bridlings grow fast. Popular with birds in verselle. Made by Irenor use it to gain 200 EXP.

Start Climb The Leaderboard Ladder.

Always check on your name at the leaderboard section to know exactly where you are standing among the other players.

Increasing your skill level to match it up with the ones whom are at the top of the table is a very hard mission, you might need to use Helix Horizon hack to have enough points to get this mission done.

With coins, you might be able to purchase new gears or upgrade the heroes you have. Maybe even obtain new ones entirely and look for some new competition up ahead.

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