he successor of the famous Hello Hero game that has been breaking records in 49 countries all over the globe. The time has come now to experience a new story and new features with this type of a game.

The game is packed up with tons of heroes that you can entirely control them to find the best customization settings. In addition, the storyline is cool as well…the game could appear at the front that it is coming for free but actually you have to do a lot of spending through the shop. So using the Hello Hero Epic Battle cheats to have any number of carats free is the ideal move.

Hello Hero Epic Battle was created and published by “Fincon” company and it is available now to be downloaded and played through any Android or IOS device. Learn more about the requirements of the game down below.

When it comes to the terms of graphics, we can assure you that the game is not competing with the top-level games on the store. A very simple device that is considereda mid-range from 2016 and onwards will be able to run the game. The quality overall is pretty much average but it is not a liability to this type of games.

Main Introduction.

At the opening scenes of the game, you will be introduced to the tutorial phase. Reading the Hello Hero Epic Battle guide from our team and keeping yourself on the track of the tutorial part are two both important moves to become fully aware of the game basics.

The tutorial phase is quick and will not be lasting for long. In addition, the rewards are pretty much high so this is not entirely a waste of time if you ask me.

Progress fast to start the first mission as a strange boat docked in the marina. That is something strange because you are living on a remote island and people do not come here often. So go and check it out.

Going back to the battle training instructions and our ultimate set of Hello Hero Epic Battle tips will become available for you from now on. When you are about to encounter multiple numbers of enemies, try to use the intrusive attack to defeat them one by one. This is a technique only the smart ones tend to follow.

Reducing the incoming amount of attacks and still managing to handle all of the enemy units at same time.



Combat System in Depth.

At the battle phase, you can find the special skills that will deal higher damage located on the bottom right corner. Each activated skill will move automatically into the cool down state after used instantly. That will be taking us into a completely new story.

Finding the right mix of the attacking skills would help you boost your playing style entirely and give you an edge over the opponents. Using Hello Hero Epic Battle cheats would help in the part that is related to enhancing the weapons used at the combat.

Keep an eye over the health bars and countdown timers on the top of the screen. Both will be indicating whether you will be accumulated as a winner or a loser at the end of each battle.

Try to perform decently at the missions to increase your rewards. It is mainly indicated by your performance and the amount of hits you will be receiving so far.

Continuing the storyline, ApprenticeLeo has decided to follow his masters to see what is going on with this weird ship. In addition, he cannot stand still without interfering.

Chase Down Abaddon.

Marco is going to become your main assistant in the battles. A dog with a sword and a shield to protect his master at any cost, the loyalty at its finest form!

Abaddon was the master of this boat. In addition, he is quietly disappearing with these people and asking Eric nicely to let him go on his way and act as if nothing has happened.

Of course, that is something will never happen as Abaddon has managed to kidnap poo villagers and he is going to use them for some evil plans. That is when the battle actually begins. Make sure you have what it takes to defeat Abaddon by using Hello Hero Epic Battle cheats.

There are also some skills and moves you have to keep in mind if you were planning to survive for long enough. Once you start receiving higher damage attacks from the enemies. Then the first aid should become your shelter as it will regain up your lost health points and still get you out of the attack range.

Each hero you have at the battle will come with his own set of special skills that is making him unique and different from others. That is how the game is working but when it is combined with Hello Hero Epic Battle cheats gears you will become something else. Learn more on this prospect later on here…



Activate Your Skills According To A Tactical Plan.

One of the skills you have to use at the battle is the ability to take out the enemies by using your skills according to a certain plan. Finding the right mix between them is the right thing to do so far…and unlocking new items via Hello Hero Epic Battle hack service.

Proceeding forward to the game main storyline. The hardnium has been exploded and you have to do your best to find the kidnaped master. Such a mission is going to take long time and at the end, you have to be prepared to defeat Abaddon.

The adventurer believes that something changed because of that explosion…so check at the nearest windy mushroom village.

The game will ask you to create a name for your character in this adventures journey. 12 characters are allowed at maximum and must be as simple as possible. Do not worry it has no interference with the effect of Hello Hero Epic Battle hack.

Final Verdict.

If you want to hide the custom, use on or off function and it is very simple tool to be played around with. In addition, the bigger goal is to have new customs unlocked and available at your hands. This could be simply done by spending the carats you got through Hello Hero Epic Battle hack.

Do not forget to receive your daily rewards for logging to the game. In addition, there will be some advanced rewards for the playing times as well not only login thing. It will keep on increasing as the time passes by and that is the system that almost every game is following.

Sylvia is going to help you on your adventure, if you want to join the adventure you need to set the deck. In addition, I guess you do not understand exactly how to set a deck up. However, the most important thing is to have a strong deck consisting of invincible heroes.

The Hello Hero Epic Battle hack is the perfect solution for this problem as you can simply purchase anything at this game via carats and that is our main goal.

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