A game that has a very good sense of humor added to the strategic battles that will put you in a 1 versus 1 compacts. Pick up a hero and jump down to the ground and with the What the Hen cheats you will have the ability to upgrade the hero or maybe even unlock the rest of 70 other heroes.

What The Hen was created and published by “Charged Monkey” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

An android 4.1 version and up is required to get the game started, as we move towards the graphics department, we have to let you know that the game is not that high at this prospect and it is pretty much low at every term. Ensure that you have enough space on your device before installing it. Use the What the Hen hack put your hands over the rest of the game features.

Quick Info.

It is always recommended to keep the device connected with the internet connection at the start of the game. It will help you to download the latest patches and fixed that has been applied to the game recently.

Remember that by downloading the game and playing it, you are agreeing to the privacy and policy. You can read the settings menu or you can rely on our What the Hen guide and trust the game as we have been testing it recently.

Add New Heroes To Your Team.

Begin the game by tapping on the characters located on the bottom left corner of the screen. As the game moves on you will be receiving bonus points. Use these points to summon up different heroes into the battleground and watch them dominate the scene.

Depending on the powers of the summoned heroes, their cost will be increasing accordingly and seeing some new levels of powers that you have never seen before.

Following our What the Hen tips will secure you a winning at the tutorial phase but that is not, it…you will also know the most common problems and dodge them.



How to Get Extra Coins?

You can keep summon the same unit as soon as you get enough summoning points. There are no limits on the summoned units on the field.

After winning any battle, there will be a reward consisting of coins coming into your deposit. In addition, you can track the number of coins you have received so far.

On the other hand, there will be gems coming as well as rewards and you must be looking for the most reliable way to earn these gems and coins to add them to your bank account. Learn more about this part next on here.

Welcome Summoner!

Now go and catch that chicken at chapter 1. There is a long way to reach the chicken and take it down but we will try to be right on the point and dodge any unnecessary introductions in the gameplay.

There are several characters available; we might have to call them heroes to make it more appropriate. The What the Hen cheats will give you more control over these heroes and help you to expand your armory. Having more than an option at the battlefield will only come to your own benefit.

Final Verdict.

Your internet connection does not have to be strong enough or stable at the online duels. The game is giving you the freedom to aim and shoot at the enemies and have this slow-paced combats.

If it happened that you have achieved something new and competing with a very high skill bracket, then the What the Hen hack is a service that you must activate to have the right heroes for this bracket.

Do not waste your time on receiving rewards for winning mission at the first chapter; the real deal is waiting for you ahead.

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