This is a universe of saints, they have their capacities and distinctive aptitudes, it is you, the strategist, to group them up and battle against different strategists everywhere throughout the world, would you be able to be the one to be the Champion?

Summon the saints to battle different strategists continuously field, utilize your abilities your system to lead your group to triumph!

The subtle elements of your legend that issues so make them your need and addition them.

Each legend has his own particular points of interest and capacities, as Lena that you will begin as your first holy person, at level one, she has eighteen concentrations for the HP, and twelve concentrations to the strike, regardless she has week assurance with only four concentrations and speed of ten concentrations, so endeavor reliably to update your holy people to grow their subtle elements.



Get your hands on the Heroes Mobile traps to have the ability to get free gold coins and pieces enough to upgrade your legends.

Fonse, the picked holy person and his young lady, and Maria the healer are instances of the perfect legends.

Fonse, the sovereign of the Devin Realm, has been driving his furnished compel to fight against the savages and guarding his kingdom whole heartedly for a long time.

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