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One of the greatest Tactical war-based games out there in the marked, as it will allow you to enjoy the combination of the amazing games SLG and TCG in one game, lead your soldiers in real time combats and become the greatest leader has ever lived, and do not forget to get Heroes Odyssey cheats to ensure that you are reaching your goals.

Heroes Odyssey was created and published by “EYOUGAME(TWW)” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.


Game Story.

Night gathers, the evil god has invaded our kingdom! The warriors are fighting intensely to reconquer their homes!

This was briefly the game story and how everything is going to look from inside, so warriors, lets expel the enemy, wipe out the troops of evil god, fight for freedom, that what Achilles the famous fighter has said to his soldiers in order to encourage them throughout the upcoming battle.

Keep an eye over the top bar as there will be a countdown timer, you have to complete the mission in the given meantime otherwise the failure shall become your new friend, expect to find many of these types of Heroes Odyssey tips mentioned here in different places of the article, as this is exactly how the game looks from inside.

Expect to find various adventures in the different game fields and also remember that you will become fully aware of the different game parts by reading our latest version of Heroes Odyssey guide.

Meet The Famous Heroes from The Old Times.

The game creators decided to place all the famous heroes of all the time into this game, so expect to meet robin hood at the start phase as he will be working under your supervision, his first words to you will come in a form of a report about the brave warriors whom are fighting with the evil god, so he suggests that you can have flank attack to support them and make the heat of the battle decrease a little bit over them.



Combat System.

Deploying the soldiers into the battle is a very simple move, as all you have to do is to drag cards from the bottom left corner of the screen and watch them soldiers getting deployed automatically into the battle field, but the only thing is that you have to decide which lane or path shall they take, and this will come back to your strategic mind and smart plays.

Quick tip, if you have noticed that the enemy is well defended, remember to use the power of artifacts to destroy these defensive towers.

Several Features Are Available Inside.

The game has included the option to use special skills as part of power incensement, so check out the special attacks on the right corner of the screen and drag and deploy on the location that you wish to deal the damage to.

As you progress in the game there will be more abilities and powers getting unlocked but in order to reach the highest stage successfully, remember that the Heroes Odyssey cheats is something that you must have by your side throughout the different stages, and no worries since it is completely safe and secure, there will not be any sort of access to your personal account or information.

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Remember to use the hollow boundary to petrify the enemy units, help our troops to take the preemptive opportunities, and remember that this is only the beginning, there will be battles that will fry out your brain.

Before each special skill execution, you must ensure that you have enough energy points these energy points will be restored after a certain period of time and this is the only way to increase it, some other players consider the alternative way which is the Heroes Odyssey hack, and we actually recommend the new players to use it as well to cover up the cost of the necessary upgrades inside.



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