Let’s go into great adventure with epic styled heroes with distinctive abilities where you will play through beautiful terrains and many maps at “4399EN GAME” new game heroes of warfare, the game is defined as action game and it’s available for both android and IOS devices, the game is FPS game where it combines between the FPS gameplay and the competitive style of MOBA game, and as you play the game you will touch that great combination and will enjoy it very much as you play the game, so it’s time to dominate the battlefield with your heroes and show others who is the boss, but before you start you have to read about heroes of warfare tips to know how to play the game through this fantasy world, and know what you can get from heroes of warfare hack and how to use them to be the best one through the game.

Interactive Design and Visuals.

The game design is very great as through it you will be able to interact with the objects around you and move the character you play with anywhere you want in the game, also these characters are very well designed as you will be able to see their look in full details and their movement like they are real characters moving like humans, their costumes are little bit from fantasy but this don’t change anything, also the design of weapons, items and equipment are very good as they are designed due to the imagination of weapons through this era, as you move the character you will find that it will interact with the surroundings very well in everything even through the firing and its effects, the designs of the arena are very good and adds more action to the game where you will be able to hide and take cover from enemies and their fires, and also it will be the same for them, so you will either trick them or they will trick and hunt you, through many well designed maps you will play the new FPS game and great one of its type, the game screen is very good to command the characters and the buttons are well arranged to allow you to get the best experience and focus with the game, the controls of the game comes in many ways to choose the best way to play the game, the buttons design is very interactive and its design is very cool and suitable to its era.

Catch the Objective Point.

The game is FPS game where you will fight through 5V5 battles in lot of maps and terrains and every map have its own style and abilities, and the battles are between two teams and every team must contain 5 players, and they must catch the objective point in the center of the map and hold it form enemy assault and who could hold the objective for lot of time and till the end of the game will win the battle and earn lot of loots and rewards, and as you get them you will be able to purchase new items and equipment and also upgrade your current equipment, and if you want to start the game with these upgraded equipment you can use heroes of warfare cheats and you will be able to get the best equipment and items for your character and enjoy the battle with your dominance.

Perfect Mix!

4399EN game haves succeeded in making the perfect mix between FPS and MOBA games where you will enjoy both of their advantages in one game, through interacting and moving in the game and shooting like a pro you will get into a new experience like no other in the games, and if you want to add more action to this mix you can use heroes of warfare cheats and get all of the items and weapons and their upgrades for free and with no external purchases for this early upgrades.



Smooth Controls.

The game buttons are very smooth and clear and allow you to interact through the game clearly and with no annoying, and from basic movement to advanced abilities of the characters you will be able to control the game like a pro and the buttons will help you and won’t be against you, you can also customize the game interface the way you like to scheme your personal taste, and from removing buttons to change their place on the screen you will find your perfect interface through many options in the game.

Fair play.

The game provides you with various heroes to choose from and fight with and you don’t need to just level up your character as it doesn’t depend only on fire rate or character skills, but it also depends on character ability and your skills and teamwork and the best one with these abilities will secure the dominance through the battle ground, and also you will need weapons but not the weapons only that will make you win as always mind defeats muscles, so you can just use heroes of warfare hack and get all the upgrades of weapons and then start to upgrade your team work and think abilities with many options through the game and the heroes of warfare cheats, where through it you will be able to get the upgrades for the items and also get tips for the battle and teach you how to play it and the best places in it, through the game style you can’t win without thinking mind and this is a great advantage in the game.



Quick to Play and Many Modes.

The game can take just 10 seconds to get into a battle and about 10 minutes to finish it, and through this time you will be able to get through every inch and every ability in the game, and enjoy your time through a very well designed battle, where through it you will have to use all of your skills and abilities and your mind to dominate the battleground, and you can use heroes of warfare cheats and it will aid you through the battle.

Through the game you will play many modes like fighting through quick match where you will be able to get into quick battle for fun and rewards and nothing else, also there is the rank battle where you will fight to get higher rank worldwide and master the game, the third mode is the casual modes where you will get into battle with your customization and wait for other players to join your match and have fun together, and through all these modes you will get loots when you win and many cool rewards that will help you to get the best items in the game, you can use heroes of warfare hack and get all what it needs to get the best items for your character in no time and upgrade your current items and enjoy the game in its maximum.

Heroes of Warfare Hack.

Through the game there are many things that needs to be purchased, and to purchase them you will need lot of coins and time, but you can just use heroes of warfare hack and get all of the items and equipment for free, also as you play the game with it you will be able to get all of the upgrades for free and with no external purchases and also you will be able to get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases.

Heroes of warfare hack is completely safe and won’t affect your device performance or harm the device at any time.

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