One of the greatest RPG that you will ever get to play, this is actually not our own opinion, you can see yourself the users reviews and the critics about how different this game is when it is compared to other HERO RPGS. Right here you will be enjoying a very decent storyline that doesn’t have many plot twists and the gameplay is well explained so it fits the new players as well, read more about the game over here and do not forget to get our Heroes Will hack, cheats, tips and guide if you are planning to start playing the game, as it will cover up your needs inside for free.

Heroes Will was created and published by “TRITONE” company and it is available on the Android and IOS platforms.

Choose The Exact Region for Optimal Experience.

The game begins by simply giving you the option to select your favorite language, and do not worry actually since the game is supporting over 9 different global languages, and since you are reading this review currently in English, so just leave it at its default form.

Moving next to the region selection, at first you should know that selecting the region that you are actually living in or at least living nearby is such a critical part, because you do not want to select a region that is far away from you since that will simply result in a huge increment in the latency, which in turns makes the game unplayable, so it is always advised to choose the closest region to your living area, and in our case we are heading to Europe.

Coming on our review, there will be a detailed explanation to the nature of the gameplay, also giving you a quick look over the available classes and characters is such an important thing for your development and progress which we cannot ignore, that is why it is advised to keep on reading this review.

General Information.

This section we are creating specially to give you some random and valuable information at the same time, so keep it as your side note whilst playing the game, and let’s begin right away.

If you use a mercenary in a battle, you can also use all of the attributes and skills of the particular hero.

You cannot use mercenaries who have a higher level than your team level as well, and remember to get more potions and gold through collecting and looting in the famous “mystic forest”.

You can use the free gold drawing 5 times every day at the house of summoned. Do not miss the chances to earn heroes, soul stones and various items as well. As your premium level goes up, you will be able to use more skills within the game. Check out the benefits in the premium level section and make sure you check the list of quests in the “Daily Quest” section. Many rewards are waiting for you to be collected every day. Rewards usually will be given when your complete quests, so check the list in the quests menu to claim out your rewards.

And if you are out of energy at any point of the game, remember that you can purchase them using your crystals, you will have more purchasing opportunities as your premium level goes up, and the optimal solution is actually getting the Heroes Will hack, cheats, tips and guide to provide you with any number of the crystals you desire.



Upgrade Your Team to Match Up with The Difficulty Increment.

We have decided to continue the previous segment and keep on providing you with the most important tips you would love to know.

Do not forget to pay a regular visit to the forge, as this should become your main place to apply upgrades and improvements to your character, and remember that during your adventure, you can face the wagon shop and flying boat shop randomly, do not miss the chance to get rare items.

All items at the shop will be reset 4 times per day, so this will put you at the stack of having to check out the shop and get the high quality items before it is too late, and to cover your expenses in there, we have created the ultimate Heroes Will hack, cheats, tips and guide for your service, as it will change your game dramatically.


Moving now to the most common feature that we get to see in almost every game we play in so far, we call it the cloud saving option. The game is allowing you to enjoy such a great feature by using the Gmail account of yours as a login system, and this will simply link out all your progress data right to this Gmail account.

And now the time has come to cover up the storyline for the new players whom are not familiar with this game. This world was created by six gods, and when they created the world, they also created a creature to keep the balance of the world on their behalf, and they called it “Dragon”.

Gameplay in Depth.

We will try to deliver the details of the gameplay as much as we can, as this will save you the time of downloading and putting the game into test, by reading our review, I guess you will manage to decide whether this game fits your needs or not.

If you are a fan of the turn based games, then you should be expecting something very similar but this time you will be taking control of a big team, and the fights scales are way too big for you to handle them, and that is a very frustrating part.

Take control over your team from the bottom bar, each character fighting for your side will have its icon represented with few details such as the name, power, health points and of course the special skill, your mission now is to get the best out of them and try to find the right combination which will simply lead to the complete victory.

We are pretty sure that you can increase your team member’s powers and skills by applying the right upgrades at the right section, and with our Heroes Will hack, cheats, tips and guide. We are pretty sure that you will be achieving records that no one has ever managed to do.



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